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POTHOLES - They are coming back again


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Another topic by Geoff Settle reminded me of this photo I took today.


Potholes seem to be appearing everywhere again :cry:


How long will it take for them to be repaired or how dangerous do they need to become before action is taken and are these all appearing in the same places as the repairs that we carried out in early 2010 after the bad winter or in new places :shock:


These ones have appeared on West Avenue near Stockton Heath Primary School and are pretty bad and getting worse by the day but are unmarked as yet so I don't know if they they have been reported by residents or are being actioned. :?



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So Sorry This is an envisaged message from the traffic and environment management for you:

every road has potholes some have even bigger holes than your photograph.

As wbc cannot deal with every pothole especially in this bad weather and also in view of the budget and staff cutbacks, we intend to use the potholes as a natural method to slow down cars. We are too busy installing cyclepaths for cyclists to use to avoid the potholes so there will be no complaints from this very important group of road users. Our hard working staff are also too busy setting up and taking down traffic lights as well as creating other holes in roads in conjunction with United Utilities and Scottish Power and anyone else who wants to dig a proper hole in a road not just a mere pothole.

Additionally we have no money to spend on filling in these potholes as we are too busy wasting what little money we have on white and green paint and new road signs.

We have to manage our work to ensure that the vulnerable road users such as pedestrians get priority treatment so we advise all road users who encounter a pothole to avoid the road and take an alternative route. We will continue to seek to develop Warrington as an area of regional and national significance, where people choose to live and companies want to invest and do business.

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Does it have to be that complicated Obs :?


I bet the local 'stationary travellers' could repair them far quicker and without any disruption not to mention being just as good as the council bods would do :wink:


Might even be cheaper too :wink:

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Sorry... your post wasn't there when I started slowly typing WAHL ( a habit of mine :oops: )


No doubt you are probably right but I will keep an eye out on these potholes and any others I spot on my travells as it's suprising how quickly they act on some of the more 'noticable' things somethimes :wink::D

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As I suggested last time this was discussed; it may be preferable to do a full resurfacing programme, bringing roads and pavements up to a proper standard, rather than piecemeal patching - mind you, forget it, they've got no money now, have they?! :roll:


Steady obs. You'll have them jumping off the Cantilever like lemmings.


Didn't our Tory MP repair the last one around there Diz?


Also, WHY doesn't H & S come into this?

You would expect the Lycra boys to be campaigning for action. They would get far more support than they get for 20MPH.

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I like your letter. Unfortunately you missed off the parts including: 20 mph speed limits may infact need to be cut further in order to limit pothole damage and the fact that WBC see it as work creation for all the local garages that will benefit from the massive increase in work to replace suspension parts :lol:

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After last winters debacle the 'bloody' pot holes cost me for two new front suspension leg springs and the road surface on Chester Rd, Grappenhall is so bad I can see the same thing happening again.

The council say they can't afford to carry out temporary road repairs yet they have a Direct services crew playing in the shrubbery in Bellhouse Lane two or three times a week spring through to autumn, what a waste of time,resources and money :evil:

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In order to claim compo for damage to cars, I think the Council have to have been given notice of the presence of specific pot-holes? So folks, keep reporting them - and if the Council don't fix 'em, they'll finish up paying out more in compo. If, it's classed as an "act of God", send your claims to the Vatican! :wink:

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I bet no-one has ever managed to claim compo though Obs. The forms you have to fill in are apparently HUGE and it takes months to process them. In adition unless you can somehow PROVE which pothole damaged your wheel, suspension etc and also PROVE that there was nothing wrong with them before you don't stand a cat in hells chance.


You are right though people should definately keep reporting potholes and if they are not fixed report them again and again and again... you never know eh :wink: Might also be worthwhile taking dated photos of our tyres and sheels just incase :wink:


Do you think I should remove the pothole shrubs now :oops:



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