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Bl**dy 'surround sound'


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Rather than knock on my neoghbours door I thought I would vent my anger on here before I try and go to bed :evil::evil:


Do people with surround sound on their TV's and Games Consoles NOT REALISE how BL**DY ANNOYING it is for neighbours.


It is now 11pm and it's just started AGAIN... cars seemingly driving through my house a high speeds.. the rumblings of the brakes as they skid round the vitrual tracks....





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Face to face contact may not be the safest course, especially if your neighbour has had a drink. Phone the Enviromental Health on Monday morning and register a complaint, plus start keeping a log of times of noise etc. I did this for my old Dad, and the EH sent a polite letter to the offender - and it worked. :wink:

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The worst that could happen, is that your neighbour kicks your head in! :wink:

Dizz I suggest you invite obs round for Sunday tea, perhaps he could be persuaded to approach you neighour's over the said problem, he appears to have excellent negotiation skills. :wink::lol:

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seem to be a problem that is on the increase. the thing is they do not seem to realise that they are being a nuisance.


i have had the same problem with my mother. only it was her who was the problem. she has started going deaf and her telly has been getting louder and louder. so much so that some time back her next door neighbour had a quiet word about it. the problem was that she watched tv in bed at any hour of the night if she could not sleep.

i eventually managed to get her to have a hearing test and she was fitted for hearing aids. this was fine as long as she wore them and the battery wasn't flat.


anyhow saw her on thursday and it turns out she was wearing them at night but not during the day so her main television was blaring out as usual.the neighbour eventually reported her and a nice young lady came out to see what the problem was. she left and came back half an hour later with some rechargeable headphones for the tv upstairs and suggested that my mother wear her hearing aids during the day downstairs and use the headphones upstairs at night.


so one option could be to buy them some headphones with the instructions for use printed in very large letters :lol:

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Might be speaking out of turn here but if there is anything that?s on the increase it?s the perception that neighbours are something to be tolerated rather than enjoyed. So many people these days don?t seem to have good relationships with their neighbours but it?s always the other person?s fault of course.


I say that if your going to spend a good part of your life living where you have neighbours, then you need to make every effort to ensure that you have a good relationship and most of the time this involves little more than being polite. So you go round to your noisy neighbours and rather than threaten them with the environmental health just explain how it?s affecting your life.


The thing is, once you?ve threatened them, you?ve gone way too far and may as well start thinking of moving house. Either that or apologise and your not going to do that because it?s their fault not yours and in any case as someone once said to me ?only weak people apologise?


I?ve managed to go through my whole life and get on well with my neighbours despite all their quirky differences so if it can work for me I?m sure it can work for others.



Bill :)

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you mean wear some soft shoes?! :wink: Heard a tale the other day, similar subject - about a gang of kids throwing stones and snowballs at a couple's bungalow in Woolston (of all places); they got the police - total waste of time. In fact, this wound up the Neanderthal parents of these brats - who, instead of chastising the kids, backed 'em up. So the torment continued, and appeared to focused on this couple. Anyway, they're now living with friends and their bungalow is up for sale. So rent or buy, yer can't choose yer neighbours. :wink:

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Dizzy, I really do sympathize with you, but as mentioned on this forum, it is best to have a diplomatic word with your neighbour and discuss the options in a polite way, they probably not aware of the nuisance they are causing and hopefully correct their ways.


Just be thankful they have not got a 3D/holographic TV, otherwise you will have Arnold Schwarwenegger shooting down your living room.

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:shock::shock: I'd have to put myself into a straight jacket first Victor :lol:


I think I have made my neighbours sound really awful and they aren't.. they are really very nice... and thankfully not here all the time :lol::wink:


As we don't know them too well though (cos they work away mostly during the week) it's hard to say something without apprearing to be miserable whinging sods.


Saying that if they had knocked on my door/window 3 times in the past I think I would have probably got the message :wink: (They never actually opened the door, they just look through the window (as it was 2am in the morning) so my better half just had to mime 'can you turn it down please' :oops:


Maybe I need to stay up later and knock myself and have a 'word'

failing that I will mention it next time I see them :D:oops:


The droning noise really annoys the other two in my house though.... I tend to switch off and ignore... although I do struggle to ignore the kids jumping up and down all the time. No wonder we have cracks appearing in the hall :shock:


Could be worse though and I shouldn't moan really eh :D

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