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Have thought of one yet ?


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...... A new years resolution that it ?


Are you bothering?


What will it be?


Have you ever made one and actually stuck to it?


Which one's have you made in the past but failed miserably?


Or is your new years resolution this year just going to be 'Not to make any promises you can't or wont keep' :wink:

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I'm TOLD that my new year's resolution is to 'stop smoking'. There is an ultimatum too if I don't...eek :shock:


Now there's a saying which says 'whatever you do on New Years Day you do for the rest of the year'... so dilemma.


If I stop smoking on NYD then I will undoubtably be rather grumpy and tetchy to say the least... so does that mean I'll be a right grump all year too :shock:


On the other hand if I wait until 2nd Jan to stop.. does that mean I wont stop as I will have smoked on NYD :shock:


Wolfie... maybe I should do the other resolution that you mentioned on the other topic instead :D:wink:

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I didn't wait, I decided to quit on the spur of the moment about two and a half weeks ago. The first couple of days were quite difficult but after that I find it gets easier.


Dosn't seem to have made me grumpy at all and if you dissagree then just sod off, see if I care! :lol:



Bill :)

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Believe you can get a FREE quit kit from the chemist Diz! :wink:


Gosh the chemist are selling Warrington Worldwide Forum Quit Kits :shock::shock::lol: (....that was Wolfies suggestion for me on another topic :wink: )


Guess you mean for smoking though.... I'll get one next time I pass :D

Any idea if it contain valium, a mouth gag, and something to tie my hands behind my back so I can't thump anyone :lol::lol:

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You don't need a padded cell to give up smoking Dizzy. just determination and motivation. If not having to tell loved ones that you are dying of cancer isn't motivation then I don't know what is. Good luck


sounds a good enough incentive to me PJ........ :wink:

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Indeed it is although not everyone who smokes gets 'C' just as not everyone who gets 'C' smokes :? Anyway probably best not going down that discussion route eh :cry:


I could of course also get run over by a bus, break my neck on an icy pavement or choke on a handful of twigglets :?


Anyway... As of 2 January 2010 I promise to try my very very very best to stop smoking and I will buy my family something really nice with all the money I save :D:D

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Like I said Dizzy "good luck" you can do it if you really try.


Not everyone who licks a leper gets leprosy but I bet it increases your chances :D and as for buses icy pavements and twigglets you will certainly not increase your chances of falling foul of them by not smoking and (should you be so unlucky) at least the poor soul who gives you CPR will have a far less unpleasant task :wink:

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A word of warning Dizzy.


Smokers patches can and do make you halucinate. They give you really wierd dreams. Remember the story I wrote getting "Chased by a large chocolate rabbit"?


Good luck to you though.


Do they have the same effect on none smokers Wingy? you know if they are giving them away and all.......

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This was the one:


Chased By A Large Chocolate Rabbit




woke up this morning, had a good owld scratch, and planned me day out before I got down to writing about me latest adventure.

I had got some of them patches from the chemist to try and stop me from smoking. I wasted a full box of matches on them, because no matter how I tried, I couldn?t keep the damn things lit. Anyway, off to bed and the nightmare begins;


I had gone around to the late shop for a paper and probably some more fags. I got served and was just about to leave when I was approached by the shop manager. Hold on a bit Wingnut, he said, don?t leave just yet, it?s your turn to do some community cleaning in the shop tonight. No problem says I, as though there was nothing unusual about the request, what do you want me to do? He took me to the back of the shop, to where there was a circular stainless steel door in the wall. It was the kind of hatchway door that you see on a submarine. Oh, that?s good I said, what?s it for?


The manager explained to me that this is where we get all our chocolate from for making chocolate ?clairs and boxes of chocolates what you see stacked on the shelves, and I believed him, and why shouldn?t I? It all seemed quite normal and plausible to me, they had to get them from somewhere didn?t they? I?d never felt so happy and relaxed since I last went picking magic mushrooms from t? Town Hall Lawn. He opened the stainless steel hatchway, and there was a large diameter stainless steel pipe that ran all the way around the shop inside the walls. What I want you to do he said, is to get inside and clean the old chocolate from inside of the pipe with a hose pipe. The inside of the stainless steel pipe was big enough to stand up in. The manager gave me a rubber gas mask, one of these white boiler suits with a hood attatched and a pair of white willies to wear, so I wouldn?t get all mucky if I slipped over.


I climbed inside the pipe, and the manager then said, I?ll have to lock you inside so all the water and old chocolate doesn?t leak onto the shop floor once you start hoseing down. I gave him the thumbs up as he said, it?ll only take you a couple of hours, and then he locked the hatchway. It was only then that I had a small niggling doubt to meself that this wasn?t quite right. I was looking down the stainless steel pipe, and thinking to meself, that I had somehow been tricked into doing this community cleaning lark, something, was wrong but I didn?t know what.


I decided to go for a walk down the pipe to see where it led to. All of a sudden I heard a voice shout WINGNUT!

As I turned around there was a large chocolate rabbit about six foot tall, stood at the other end of the pipe. In a much lower and echoey and more menacing kind of voice the chocolate rabbit said; Wingnut, I?ve been watching you, and I?m not happy with you. I?m going to have to punish you and give you a mark. It was only as the rabbit said, I?ll punish you and give you a mark that I fully realised who the rabbit was. It was no ordinary rabbit, it was none other that General Woundwort from Watership Down. He even had one white eye which was made out of Galaxy chocolate. With one almighty bound, the chocolate rabbit came straight at me. I turned and ran for me life, I was terrified. I had heard about Woundwort from somewhere, and he was one nasty piece of work.

Have you ever tried running in a white overall, gas mask, and wellies? As I ran through the pipe, there were windows every so far. So I was banging on the windows and trying to attract the attention of some of the shoppers. But when ever one of the shoppers looked up, nobody saw me because I had to run away again because Woundwort was catching up on me.


Thank God I woke up when I did, I still go into the shop, but you wouldn?t get me any where near the back of the shop through them rubber doors what they have. You never know what might be on the other side do you?

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