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Favoutite Sweetie ?


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Quite a few old fashioned sweet shops opening up I notice....


So what is your all time favourite sweet either from when you were a kiddie or even now.


Mine were those little 'cherry lips'.. tiny little red moon shaped chewy sweets (think they were supposed to look like lips hence the name.)


Also 'bubbly' the pink chewing gum that you could blow huge bubbles with especially if you chewed 4 at a time :lol: (bit messy to get out of your hair of off your eyebrows when it popped :oops: )


Also rainbow sherbet with a stick of liquorice :D


and the liquorice twirls? they had a jelly sweet in the middle like you got in liquorice allsorts but you could unwing the liquorice.


Yum yum... I'm sure more will come back to me soon :D

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Good TOPIC dizzy!


So many sweets, so many favourites!


This was going to a top ten, but too many not to list.


1. Fry?s 5 cream

(it had five fruit segments inside 1960?s ? 1970?s, discontinued in ?92)


2. Smarties (the ones that came in a big square box)


2. Turkish Delight


3. Toffee Crisp


4. Picnic


5. Toffifee


6. Fry?s Peppermint Cream Bar (Dark Chocolate)


7. Crunchie


8 Nestle Crunch Bar


9 Brown Gems


10 Peanuts Treats


11 Reveals


12. Fudge


13. Peanut Brittle


14. Cinder Toffee coated in chocolate


15. Cadbury?s Christmas tree chocolate decorations, wrapped in foil.


16. Black Jacks


17. Salad Creams


18. Flying Saucers


19. Sweet Cigarettes

(I know that they are not PC now, but I liked them)


I could go on, just too many I like and remember!


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favourite for then and now 'Victory V'


just the thing for a morning like this


liquorice sticks the ones with the flat bit at the end. great in summer when they were soft but did not half make the jaws ache chewing them when it was cold. like eating an elastic band then.


also the liquorice root. which was a twig that tasted of liquorice for a while then just turned to pulped wood that stuck in the teeth. favourite trick with that was to give somebody a twig that you had just broke off a tree and watch their face when they bit into it :P


little imps. really strong bits of tar like substance in those tins that would take a finger off if you were not careful. three of those and you had no taste for an hour and a black tongue for a week 8)

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:lol::lol::lol: liquorice root... forgot about that.. it used to get stuck in the teeth eh and the chewed bits used to break off and had to be spat out :oops::lol:


Can't believe you used to give people normal twigs though... that's so funny :lol::lol::lol:


SD.... have you got a sweet tooth by any chance :lol:

Gosh Peanut Brittle........ I LOVED THAT :shock::D:D:D

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Dizzy, you have a good memory, Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin was my favourite. I also liked a lot of the others that have been mentioned but my dentures don't allow me to eat them anymore. I am now on a quest to find the Rum and Raisin bar. I am quivering with excitment at the thought of, once again, sinking my nashers (even though false) into this delectable luxury. If anyone sees a bar in the shops, please tell me which one. I must have one !!!!

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'Daddy' is that really you... have we been reunited at long last :D:shock::lol:


The thought of you, or anyone for that matter, quivering and sinking their dentures into something is enough to give me nightmares :shock::lol:


Right... we all now have a task... to find Victor some Old Jamacia Rum and Raisin to calm his nerves :lol::D

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Old Jamaica is still available online, however if your need is now immediate, the sweet shop at the skittles sell a very good copy (I had one just last week!!)


online links are here:







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I think you will find they are closed until tomorrow morning Victor.... :lol::wink:


Yet another succes story from the depths of the WWW forum pages...


Are you just going to buy the one bar as Baz's link does say they are on sale 'for a limited limited time only' or are you doing all out and buying the full factory sealed cases of 18 bars per case.


If you ate enough of it would it make you drunk :lol::lol:


You'll have to let us all know how it compares to the real thing :wink:


I can see a front page news story coming on soon.... :lol::lol:

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Some previous posts on Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin seem to have disappeared. However, I went to Tesco today and, with the help of two assistant I found the Rum and Raisin bars. I bought 3 and have just devoured one of them. It tastes just as good as I remember it. Sadly, I now feel a little sickly. Still, my craving has been satisfied. Thanks to all who helped me with this very important matter. I will sleep easy tonight.

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