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Our lovely Springer Spaniel Jenny went missing on fields near the old Burtonwood Airbase on Tuesday afternoon. We have searched constantly for her since then and even slept in the car there on Tuesday evening in case she came back. Despite searching the area putting up posters and contacting dog wardens, rescues, police, vets and kennels there have been no sightings of Jenny at all. Jenny is a very timid dog and unlikely to approach strangers. She has no collar but is microchiped.


We are desperately worried about her and are hoping that someone has picked her up and decided to keep her because she is a lovely dog but she is a member of our family and we need her to come back home to us.


Worryingly another Springer Spaniel called Jess disappeared from Newton le Willows last week and hasn't been seen either so it is a possibility that these dogs have been targeted as both are young females who haven't been spayed.


Her details and our contact information are here



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One place worth checking out.


Sorry, but I can not remember the address or "exact" location.


It is a dog breeder who had a bit of land, just off the East Lancs road. Approach the East Lancs road from the Swan Hotel Winwick/Golborn area. Turn right onto the East Lancs for approx 3-4 miles. The kennels if you can call them that, were up what might be described as a farm or dirt track just off the East Lancs.


This particular breeder, was always on the lookout for stray or unwanted dogs to breed from.


I might be stating the obviouse, but all I can suggest is to get into that area, and stop and ask anybody you see walking a dog, if they know of any kennels that sell dogs/pups. That is exactly how I found them, by asking passers by, after reading an advert in the local press. Ask in shops or at the local police satation, somebody will know of the address. The kennels were not in a built up area. Just a thought.

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Ken from Questy Birch Kennels (Hatton), had an ex police dog handler/trainer working with him (Mike), he might know of a lead. And Angela Jones from Rosewood/Rowsewood kennels Burtonwood, are BOTH REPUTABLE and registered dog training schools.


They might have heard of the breeder that I mentioned in my first post. People in their dog training groups might know of the breeder I mentioned. It's worth popping down on training nights to ask if anyone knows anything about the breeder on the East Lancs Road.


Another Ex Cheshire police dog handler/trainer, used to have an advert in the vets at Grappenhall where the old Dog and Dart used to be. Junction of Chester Road, Bradshaw Lane.

I'll nip in when they open this morning, to see if he still advertises there. His clients might know of something. His training grounds were at the old Stretton Airfield (Saturday mornings).



I'll add ?10 to the reward for her safe return. Reward now stands at ?260.

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Just got back from the vets.


coudn't find the advert that I was looking for, and nobody on the airfield training ground when I went there. But no problemo, I should be able to track him down easy enough.


Spoke to the veteranary nurse, and told her of our plight. She very kindly said she would visit Warrington-Worldwide Website, to copy the details and also post them around the other surgerys where she works. She will also ask her other collegues to make note of the micro chip number.

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post edited by Moderator....

Sorry CP but I have removed your first comment... I know you meant no harm but not really appropriate considering the circumstances , thanks Dizzy (moderator) :wink:


"CP" also wrote


Seriously though I hope you get the dog back soon :(

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Hi Jennys Mum......(Here's what I tried to put under the news item but it wouldn't let me cos of all the links... so sorry for repeating myself)


Have you resistered her missing with http://www.dogpages.org.uk. They have a section for lost dogs and the site is well used both locally and elsewhere so if for some reason Jenny has finished up a little further away from home it could be worthwhile.


Also WARRINGTON ANIMAL WELFARE are up in the WA5 Area so give them a ring too as they also take in lost dogs and have many contacts.


Other good doggie websites according to a local breeder to get the word out on and to watch for sales of dogs for breeding (sorry if this upsets you more) are







all have sections for dogs and can localised and you can put an advert on but then say LOST so people are aware etc


Hope that helps a little bit :(


I'll keep looking and asking for you.... ps can you let me know the link to the FACEBOOK page as I couldn't find it and I'll get all the kids I know to add it to their pages.



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Thanks, if only the daft mutt had barked :shock:


One of our other dogs found her, and when my husband went over there was a manhole covered over with bracken that no one had seen. My husband looked in expecting to see the worst and there she was looking up at him. She seems absolutely fine, raced upstairs to bed before but has reappeared downstairs now the take away has arrivrd :D Will get her checked out at the vets tomorrow but apart from being hungry she's fine.


What a relief.


Just hope that Jess the missing Springer from Newton is found soon

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