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  1. Heard from a few very good sources that, alledgedly, Mr Myler has been released by Warrington and that he is alledgedly due to sign for our neighbours widnes. His alledged fondness of colleagues partners has alledgedly made his position untenable. Anyone else heard owt?
  2. CP


    CP 1 Gary 0 Seems I got the scoop this time fella.
  3. Only joking algy. Im only jealous. I would love to own a narrowboat and cruise about all the time. Its on my to do list.
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    Apparantly Morley was still training and the problem was not resolving itself so he was advised to take a complete break to see if that would help. He went away on holiday with his family which seems to have done the trick. He is consulting the specialist this week to see if he gets the green light to resume his playing career. Thats how the story goes anyway. Maybe Tony can verify whether there is any truth in it or not. This would be a massive boost especially with the recent injury to Benny Westwood. It would allow Harrison to play second row with Anderson and Grix at loose forward.
  5. I'd knock it down and re build a 40,000 capacity super stadium with retractable roof.
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    Ive heard that he is back fighting fit. Can anyone with inside access confirm whether this is indeed true. What a boost it will be coming into the business end of the season.
  7. Loving the fact that Wolfette used the word 'pussy'. As for Morley, the longer his absence continues the more likely he will retire imo. Dont think Smith would be speaking about him in the way he is if it wasn't serious. Some wigan fans think its a smokescreen haha.
  8. Oh good. I hope he is ok to continue because we definitely need him this year.
  9. Its a pleasure. I know you are well connected Its obvious that they suspect the worst and are awaiting exact diagnoses. As safers said I think Morley himself might have known during and after the Saints game that something was seriously amiss. If there is any possible risk of him having permanent and serious damage to his head/neck if he was continue playing them he will have to retire. Very sad but the guy has got to put himself and his family first.
  10. Can Gary find out what the score is in regards to Morley. These rumours are rife and Wolfette has some impeccable sources.
  11. Dont forget Wigan were playing just 5 days after their tough encounter with Leeds. I wouldn't be too quick to judge them on last nights game or indeed their next game this weekend.
  12. Heard these rumours myself today. Awful news if true and could be the end of our GF and CC hopes this year.
  13. I think you are way wide of the mark in terms of Morley and retirement. I fully expect him to play again in 2012. Granted he is nearing the end of his career and I dont think he will be playing every week next year but he still has an impact especially when fresh. Im sure 2012 will be his last year at Warrington though, whether its the last of his career is anyones guess. In respect of the other ageing players, Im hoping our youth policy will start to pay off in the next couple of years and hope to see a number of exceptional youngsters coming through the ranks.
  14. Gary you have missed the scoop again. Both Sky Sports News and BBC Radio Manchester are reporting that King has signed for the Rabbitohs next year.
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