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Another big job.


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The problem is Diz; a road is closed for a piecemeal job, IF they're going to close a road, why not do everything to improve it - like renew all kerb stones, re-surface both road and pavements etc. Such a comprehensive approach would seem more worthwhile and possibly cost efficient; at least until the Utilities come along and dig it all up. :twisted:

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If all these road works and repairs aren't done to a high standard then all we need is a winter like last year and they will all start to break up by February :shock::wink:


Apparenly all you need is a bit of water trapped under the surface or a way in between the old and the new and a harsh icy spell will do it's worst and break it all up :shock:


Just in time for the next allocation of 'we need more funds' maybe :?

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Believe it or not, this job at the junction of Gorsey Lane - Padgate Lane, is still going on. Or rather, was still going on, I think they've knocked off now for Xmas; leaving thin trenches across the roads, which havn't been properly filled with tarmac, thus damaging every car that bumps over them. :twisted:

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Could anyone explain what the hecks happening on Blackbrook Ave (near Padgate Station) There's been all sorts of work going on for some time but having just driven down there today they seem to be making the pavement absoulutly huge and I don't just mean just a bit big, it's bloody huge, almost as wide as the road! You need to see this to believe it so why would this be?


You don't really see a lot people walking about round that way because there's nothing really there to walk to so why do we even need a footpath there at all? It's got all the hallmarks of what they did down at Woolston Grange where huge sums of money were thrown down the pan in providing a crossing to nowhere that noboddy uses because nobody lives down that way either.


Who the heck makes these decissions and are they aware that we are suppost to have no money to waste.


Bill :)

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It's not difficult. No need to hope they look on here: contact@warrington.gov.uk is the universal address for reporting problems.


...only within normal office opening hours of course though Vic and then you have to rely on someone opening and actioning your email :roll::wink:


If it's day time then easier to ring them on 01925 443322


or for out of hours emergencies the number is apparently 01925 444400 where by you get a recorded message saying 'sorry we are now closed....' :roll::lol:

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