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Another big job.


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The motorway along the side of the potholed ridden Blackbrook Avenue is the result of some councillor instructing some useless council officer to put a walk way there to allow people to walk to the station. The money came courtesy of the last government ( remember brown and his cronies spending spending spending?) and is an addition to the tarmac in Great Sankey. ( I believe it can be used in an emergency when the potholes in the actual road become large )

Who is going to walk or even cycle is as yet unknown, but must be in the thousands if the tarmac is to be cost justified oops sorry I forgot the tarmac replaced the shrubbery and greenery and is not really politically correct.


This is another example of a useless council refusing to manage and monitor the working of a totally useless executive.

By the way the execuuives who are " only doing their job" are installing a pedestrian controlled traffic light crosssing across Birchwood Way to allow the thousands of walkers and cyclists to cause some more traffic jams.

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Cyclists and pedestrians... queue RK and other supposters...


According to the 'qualitative research' carried out by the Department of Transport (DfT) published Sept 2010 regarding cyclists and other road users...... 'something' was found :?



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Back to Padgate Lane - Gorsey Lane jct: they've started back after the Xmas hols, and just to let everyone know it, they put tempory traffic lights on, but the sequence is so slow, that traffic is backing up for 300 yds. All this, to put in about 6 dropped curbs for disabled use - if this gang had had the contract for Hadrian's Wall - they'd still be building it. :roll:

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, they?re at it again on the next set of lights down at the junction of Holes Lane and the works expected to last 12 weeks (WHY!)


There?s going to be some big problems here because of the dual carriageway. It?s single lane through the lights, which means you need to get in the outside lane on the dual carriageway then cut in at the last second. Oddly enough, the people sitting going nowhere on the inside lane seem to get pretty hot under the collars about this, wonder why? :twisted: Somehow think a few more cones are needed.


I?ve just queued for flippin ages so I don?t know what this is going to be like at rush hour.


Bill :)

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It lasts twelve weeks because the "workers" work for four hours with two hours for tea breaks, and the temporary light erectors work for two hours at 0900 to set up the traffic jams, and at 1500 for ten minutes to remove the lights.


In between the contractors dig holes, fill them in and refill them when the traffic dislodges the crappy work they have done.

Lastly they will have to reschedule the lights to allow all the thousands of cyclists and pedestrians hours to cross the road and also to introduce the lighting into the useless electronic traffic jamming system they use to create traffic jams.

Meanwhile the wbc managers sit in their ivory tower and dream where they can next cause trouble and waste money on irrelevant schemes that help no one apart from the paint manufacturers.

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