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Desperate Pubs?


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Maybe it's more to do with the fact that it costs so much for drinks in pubs these days :wink: .... ) Of course I am excluding the youngsters who frequent some establishments and seem to have an endless supply of booze money of course :wink:)


Many pubs do food now and they advertise meal deals to entice people in so do you disagree with that too ?


I really can't believe that people have simply stopped using pubs just because they can't smoke in them :lol:

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Contrary to common belief every person who frequented pubs in the past were not smokers, the main reasons for the drop in custom is a) the excessive price of beer and I include lager, bottle and draught beers. B) alchohol is cheaper to purchase from supermarket. c) us oldies who were brought up on the tap room and snugs culture are rapidly disappearing plus there are no bloody tap rooms and snugs left anyway. Before the no smoking laws came in I for one who has asthma (and many others in the northwest) couldn't go into a pub or club without going home and keeping my wife awake all night coughing, I for one cannot understand why the lads who come out for a pint then gallop of outside for a 'fag' in all kinds of weather then complain bitterly about them now being second class members of society, also now you can't walk in the fresh air past a shop or office without inhaling the pollution being exhaled from the staff that work in those establishmens while their non smoking co-workers who are not entitled to a paid smoking break and are beavering away making up the productivity fot those skiving outside, all I can say the no smoking law was 52 years too late for me and long may it continue. So put that in your pipe and smoke it - but outside if you please


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Not prior to the smoking ban Diz, never known a "Pub" having to drum up custom before! :roll:

pubs have run promotions for donkeys years to "drum up custom". I worked behind the bar at "the Bells" in the eighties and even then we had free beer promotions and happy hours.

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Slight difference btween promotions and happy hours - and posting junk mail PJ. :wink:
Not really, pubs now have younger and more modern landlords, so many will have picked up basic marketing along the way, hence your free drink voucher.


My local has a text list, and sends out the weekends football fixtures to every subsciber letting them know which games he's showing.


He also has a pub facebook page for both the pub in general, and the golf section, where there are updates of all other entertainmetn etc as well as football.


But you carry on blaming the smoking ban. Have to say if it's stopped you going to the Sankey Arms, I'm surprised he doesn't have "house Full" signs up most nights. :wink:

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