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Councillor's odd press quotes :)


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Thought it would be fun to start a topic for odd quotes/statements made by Councillor?s (or other people just to be fair :D " Clr Peter Walker (LD-Hatton, Stretton and Walton).

"Automotive maintenance isn't just greasy rags and spanners any more - it's very hi-tech.

If you have to drive your car you have got to make sure it's not emitting more (carbon) than it should be and this will help that :confused: ."
:biggrinbounce: :biggrinbounce:


SET YOUR SIGHTS HIGHER KIDS being a mechanic is hard work, it's long hours and poor pay.... be a councillor instead !!!!


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Originally posted by Dismayed:

Your ECU has gone sir and WE.SAW.U coming ???? payable to the dealer not the mechanic of course :o

That is the really annoying thing about getting your car seen to.


obs. Perhaps in order to save the planet, they might start fixing things instead of replacing modules etc.

Oh, I forgot, we don't have anyone capable, the day of the craftsmen have gone.

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Nothing wrong with that comment.

That is why Blair's idea of everyone going to uni doesn't make sense.

There are jobs for the less talented that need filling to make the world go round.

People in all walks of life should recognise their limitations and find the niche that they are best suited to. :wink:

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How come secondary schools (colleges :D8)


Bridgewater High School is a Arts 'college'


Another warr school has just become a specialist music 'college' 8)


Surely that means that certain areas of education in Warrington differ depending on which school you go to but you don't have a choice where to go anyway. :roll:


All seems a little unfair.

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Sad really that this is getting so much attention. It would be better if the press release was about Warrington spending ?800,000 improving just one school that might allow pupils to go on to University and study engineering, and thus become a qualified technicial working for McLaren, instead of a grease monkey in the local garage who goes "Err, yeah, it's busted right, but we'll order the part and fit it later on this week. Right, that'll be ninety quid."

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Warrington Collegiate offer Motor Vehicle courses, do they have the same facilities as Sankey are getting?


It does sound very good although I wouldn't like to have to carry out all the risk assessmnet twaddle associated with 14 year old kids working under ramps on lorries :wink: just fixing their mates cars and working in backstreet garages as a way of getting a quick wage rather than going on to further 'unpaid' education (no offence meant to small garages :o )

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It's a bit more "upmarket" than that now Eagle for those wishing to steal newer cars, car thieves need electronics skills in order to bypass the immobiliser...or the ability to "acquire" the keys...rod through the letterbox or knife to the throat to name but two. :wink:


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