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Community Champion.

Peter T

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Originally posted by McBain:

Visions of a dunce Councillor in spandex tights with a cape and t-shirt with "community champion" writ large upon it striding about the place, demonstrating an almost super-human ability to focus on inconsequential issues at the expense of things that really matter.

Isn't that all of them then??
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Never heard of a 'Community Champion' !


There is such a thing as a 'Heritage Champion' or 'Historic environment (HE) Champion' as they are also known though. They are there for issues regarding heritage, conservation, listed buildings, to advise on certain planning applications within a local authority and to ensure that it's policies, strategies, plans etc promote sustainable development of the historic environment etc etc...


Unfortunately Warrington DOES NOT have a Heritage Champion... the post remains vacant and unadvertised (if anyone fancies a job !!!!)


We did however have a Conservation Officer for a time but I believe that position has also been vacant for a while now!


No doubt the job of Community Champion (if there is such a position) remains in a similar state :roll:

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