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MacArthur Beattie & co


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Hi Lynnl.

Owen Street off Winwick Road Warrington. I think it was near Walkers Brewery or opposite the Co-op Hall.


A short write up about Macs if you click the link below.




An aunt of mine worked there (Hilda) a mahoosive Rugby fan. She used to take me pants in and make them into drainpipes. I was an 8 year old Teddy boy. :D

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I can picture 3 shirt works in that area. One in Bewsey street near the junction with Froghall lane; Another in Tanners Lane, just behind the old filling station and opposite the co-op stables.

The names escape me - Revelation? and Nowells/ Cowells?


And of course Mcarthur Beatties, as earlier.


As a matter of little interest to most, nearly all the firms currntly being mentioned - e.g. Chadwicks; Mc arthurs; Rylands.

all had teams in the Warrington football leagues. We were a community in those days, or at least a closer knit one.


Happy days

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revelation shirts was in bewsey street and has been converted to luxury? apartments?.


it was one of the places that my mother and aunt worked at over the years. my wife also did a stint there for a while (before she married me and retired that is).one of my mates from way back also did his apprenticeship there as a sewing machine mechanic.

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I think it's worth mentioning, that in the day of Macs, they at least gave you a decent length of shirt lap. If you wanted to you could sew a button on yer shirt lap, tuck it between yer legs, and fasten it up at the front and wear yer shirt like a romper suit if yer wanted to. It's only when the Indian curry houses opened that shorter shirt laps came into fashion.

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