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  1. lynnl

    Victoria Park

    I don't suppose by any chance the kiosk is still in Viccy Park? The one with the flat roof. Also there used to be allotments when one took a short cut from the back of the park through to Kingsway. Are they still there does anyone know?
  2. Was Warburtons a pie factory too? I still can't figure it out. We didn't seem to walk far to get there and Lythgoes Lane looks too far away. I don't know, very confusing.
  3. Harry, we did go to the pie bakery. It wasn't a shop. After all that misunderstanding can you now tell me where it was and what it was called? I didn't realize there were so many pie places in Warrington.
  4. I was just reading something about the pie place on Gordon Gandy's website, My Warrington. Someone was saying there was a shop on Winwick Rd called Dolly Berry's which used to sell all kinds of different stuff like ribbons and things and that just down from that was a fabulous pie place where the girls from Mac Beatties used to buy their lunch. I think that must be the place. Can anyone tell from that which one it would be then?
  5. Thankyou for all those suggestions. I didn't realise there were that many around that area. I'm still not sure which it would have been. The pies we usually got were the ones with mince in the bottom and potato on top. They call them potato pies here in Oz but they aren't as nice as pommie ones. I think the same place used to also sell bread and butter but that could have come from somewhere else nearby.
  6. This is a bit of a long shot as not many people seemed to know about Macarthur Beattie but I worked there for a short time in 1965 I think it was and once a week we would order pies from a place nearby. I'm sure it was an actual pie factory. Some of the girls would go and bring them back on a big wooden tray. They were absolutely wonderful and I'm wondering if anyone knows the place I mean.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to St. Augustine's church in Latchford?
  8. lynnl


    The building is still there isn't it? What is it now?
  9. lynnl


    What happened to Burtons? I don't suppose it's still there?
  10. I was visualizing it as being opposite the co-op hall but I was thinking the hall wasn't as far down the road as that. I remember being able to see the name on the side of the building across the road. Thanks for that guys.
  11. Does anyone remember MacArthur Beattie shirt factory? I worked there very briefly at one stage and can't remember where it was situated. Anyone have any idea?
  12. lynnl

    Paper Mill

    Didn't there used to be a paper mill in Warrington? I remember going there once on a school outing but I can't remember exactly where it was. I seem to recall it was somewhere near town though.
  13. lynnl

    Why Birchwood

    Well, it's rather a relief to know that the situation is just as confusing for people still living in Warrington. I notice that Howley doesn't seem to exist anymore either. I remember there being an off licence there in the old days that my dad used to cycle to. As I recall, all the streets were cobbled then. I can't even figure out where it used to be now when looking at maps.
  14. lynnl

    Why Birchwood

    Whatever happened to Latchford and Orford. Everything seems to be called Birchwood now. When did that happen?
  15. lynnl

    Walking Day

    No. I'm afraid no swimming pool either although once again a lot of people do have them. We used to have a smallish one but the maintenance is a pain. checking ph levels and putting the right amount of chlorine in all the time and cleaning it. Also in summer we have water restrictions so that can be a problem too.
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