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I'm a long way off me telegram yet mate. If I do get one, It can go in th'outside soil closet where someone can make good use of it.


Met the Queen already though, luvelly wench she is, tried to hit me on the napper with a sword, but I was too quick for her and dodged out of the way smartish like, NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT . Slurped tea with Princess Margeret at a garden party, and got a nice friendly smile and a wave from Princess Dianna one day going over the canal bridge on the A56.

Charlie boy was just sat next to her in the limo with a face like a smacked ar$e.


Long Live The Queen.

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my father in law goes sequence dancing twice a week, hops the train into liverpool when he gets fed up, has just spent three hours gardening and wants a pushbike to nip down to the shops in the summer because it will be easier for him to get the shopping back and cheaper than driving as his car has an automatic choke and is still on choke when he gets to the shops.


he has to go and have cataracts removed in the near future and has a dodgy heart valve but does not look a day over sixty. he is ninety one next birthday.

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It's not a question of "getting rid" of pensioners H; I have a 92 year old Dad who's still riding his bike to the bookies; but if he couldn't do that, and was totally reliant on others, I'm sure he'd opt for the tablet. :cry: The question for debate is: can we afford a burden of emotion? :?

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Two things. won't the queen been 270 when Sue gets her card. think she - the queen that is- has two birthdays a year.


Also believe you can get a card for a diamond? wedding.


And thirdly (I know), another point on "losing" pensioners - and i know obs sees a problem meant no harm - if it is too easy to despatch yourself, or is seen as acceptable, who amongst us would be here now. We all get depressed at times, particularly some pensioners on a loss or what have you.


Happy days

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