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Drive standards up?


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Seems around 5million "drivers" are too scared to drive on our motorways and avoid them at all costs. A small percentage will avoid turning right - but how the get where they're going is a mystery. With such admissions of a lack of confidence or competance; is the current driving test of a sufficiently high standard? :?

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Hate to have to admit it but I am one of the 5 million drivers who hate the thought of having to drive on a motorway. :oops:


It fills me with complete and utter dread even though I am usually a very confident driver and have driven for over 25 years without an accident or driving conviction to my name.


I find the ever ending foot to the floor rushing eratic drivers (speeders), lane swappers, large lorries and idiotic van drivers too much to bare and maybe THEY are the ones who need to have some more lessons :evil:


The driving test at present only proves that a driver is capable of driving safely and passing a set test on the actual day. They have not really 'passed' they are just about to really start to learn to drive... or not in some cases :?


Even worse is the CBT moped test for 16 year olds. Spend a few hours listening, prove you can sit on a moped without falling off and OFF YOU GO !!! Now that's just not right :?

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I think it's the amount of traffic these days. the driving test is adequate in my opinion.


My own bete noire is driving in the dark (particularly if I'm in unknown territory). Not sure how that could be encapsulated into the driving test.


A purely personal opinion is that the standard of driving in Warrington has improved, perhaps due to police and cameras. You can drive at 30 mph and most motorists will stay behind you. Seem to get waved out of junctions more than in the past. Drunken-ness in cars also seems much reduced, down to over the limit, and that, perhaps, not as often.


Shoot me down.

Happy days

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Given the increasing numbers of vehicles and the fact that they can prove lethal if not handled proficiently; it would appear logical to improve general road safety by improving the standard required to drive - the bonus being, that the consequent failiure rate, would reduce traffic congestion considerably! :wink:

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My thoughts match Harry's in that the general standard of motoring is pretty good these days. By and large the majority of people seem to drive at responsible speeds although there's always going to be a few that either drive too fast or too slowly.


The key I think is not to get wound up by the way others drive.


Bill :)

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The driving test is more comprehensive these days and instruction appears much better.


Having been a passenger of young drivers who have passed recently I have found that their knowledge and confidence to be very good.


They have even taken extra lessons specifically for the motorway and have enjoyed the experience and gained immediate confidence from the experience, a very big factor indeed. Maybe the 5 million should take a lesson out of the youngster?s book and sign up for some instruction?


I remember my first experience on the M6. I just couldn't believe the speed of those little lights in my mirror. They caught me up so fast overtaking me with horns blaring, waking my dad up :shock: .... but after a while I got the hang of it and grew to respect the speed and distance. My dad gave me a few tips and then went back to sleep for the rest of the journey from Wolverhampton.


As for Dissy?s comment about young riders

Even worse is the CBT moped test for 16 year olds. Spend a few hours listening, prove you can sit on a moped without falling off and OFF YOU GO !!! Now that's just not right

When I learnt there was no instruction, I simply bought my TV 175 Lambretta jumped on, turned the key and off I went. I had no idea of how to stop or even change gear with the inevitable consequences.




It?s a lot better today, at least you have to pass a test and the engine capacity can't exceed 50cc or travel over 31mph. In my day it was upto 250cc and no speed limit I think but then it was a long time ago and there wasn't much traffic, plenty of room to crash safely :wink: unlike today.


The roads are so busy nowadays, drivers don't let you out even if you are a bus driver!!!


I think there is a strong case for having re-tests say after 20 years, to check if you are competent to be on the roads.

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I struggle with some of these posts that say things are better.

I can only surmise that those who think so, also have poor driving standards.


Before the change in the test requirements, how often did you see:

A lot of drivers ignoring "red lights"?

Ignoring the 30mph "speed limit"?

Not using indicators?

"Undertaking"? etc. etc.


Thes are NOT isolated incidents, but a growing NORM!!!!!!


It's ok looking for positives, but DON'T ignore the negatives. That's why standards are falling in ALL walks of life. :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

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Geoff makes some valid points but like he says times have changed and so have the roads.


Still wonder about the safety of mopeds though. If they are restricted to 31mph for novice 16 year old riders who simply have to pass a little 'test' (which apparently any numpty can do) then is the restriction also putting them at risk :shock:


Imagine riding along a 40mph road or higher speed limit and having another idiotic other road user putting your life at risk. You try to get out of the way but thanks to your 31mph 'restriction' you can't :shock::shock: Rather Scarey :evil:

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So saying anything positive about driving standards makes you a bad driver does it? Peter, that?s a complete and utter load of old twaddle.


You really should put more water with whatever your drinking! :lol:


Bill :)

Er, did I say that?

I was suggesting that some of the comments seemed to condone the present standards of bad driving.

Bill, I need something to be able to put the water into. I blame my swine flu jab, never felt right since I had it.

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