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predict the score


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I am starting to agree with Jay C. Games between the two titans, especially with both sides still in with a shout for the title, are usually a tight affair. Having said all that, I think if we get the first goal it will be difficult for United to get beck into it. Don't be suprised if there are a couple of unfamiliar names on the score sheet. I'll stick my neck out and go for Liverpool 3 United 2 scorers: Hyypia, Torres, Crouch - Vidic, Giggs


Now now James, you're better than that! :roll:


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as the BBC reporter states ? Despite you obviously not watching the game Geoff, what has a glaring miss by Rooney got to do with the beanpole falling over? :confused:


And remind me, how many goals did your lot score?

They are now in a run of two games no points....definitely champion form. :blitzed:


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Yes a poor display by the reds. well worked corner for the goal, although Shrek was definately shooting. The Arsenal game was a far better match, probably down to the fact there was a lot more at stake in Liverpool - United game than three points.

contrary to popular belief, I still don't see it as a two horse race, but there is no denying that Arsenal and United have the advantage at this stage.

A lot of football to be played yet and I think it could be one of the most closely run title contests for some years.

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