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  1. I got one but there were no smileys or LOLZ!, so it was a bit rubbish.
  2. The East Lancs Gurning Championships: BBC Gallery
  3. . [ 16.12.2007, 15:28: Message edited by: willywonka ]
  4. 'ere yer go, the proper Fireman Sam for all our young posters: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=yo8eAaeA1b4 For those of a less sensitive nature, just search on youtube for "Fireman Sam", the scouse version is the first hit (didn't think it was that funny meself). youtube make their money by selling advertising space on a site that gets squillions of hits and is available to anyone with an internet connection: to see anything that's deemed potentially offensive to some, you have to register. It's so popular because it lets visitors to its site decide what they want to view and what
  5. I only heard about it on t'wireless.
  6. Not an uncommon tale, I come across similar situations frequently. Would have hoped that given the tragic circumstances she would have a sympathetic adviser who could find a way round it for her. I would have thought she'd have been better off quitting her job and claiming Income Support. On the back of this she should be able to claim Housing Benefit. Thankfully, in Warrington there is (albeit very limited) provision for people in this situation, but most end up being referred to hostels or emergency night shelters.
  7. I think even a team of top of the range kebabs would have performed better last night, Obs.
  8. Crikey, it's starting to look like a proper debate on WWW: well done to all. Welcome to the newbies, and keep it up folks!
  9. Pity nobody ever listens to the teachers: Schools face a downsizing revolution Observer
  10. No need for anyone to get chippy, it's not like I mentioned any names or anything.
  11. Hard to tell wherever you're talking about Mary, some people just can't make that distinction.
  12. No Geoff, had one actually in the house once though. Bit late now this year but I'll have the camera ready next summer. Edit - a neighbour tells me the land is to be farmed next year. The fields are ploughed a couple of times a year and I think you're probably right as to why. [ 06.11.2007, 21:24: Message edited by: willywonka ]
  13. No need to be sneaky obs, they're a common feature around here.
  14. Geoff - you have wonkamail.
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