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  1. Here is the result for Cinnamon Brow Parish Council Election - Thursday 7th February 2008 Lib Dems - 259 Labour - 149 spoilt - 6 By my calculation that's a 20% turnout - not sure if that's good or bad for a Parish. Not long to go until May for it to happen all over again. [ 08.02.2008, 06:56: Message edited by: Student Geoff ]
  2. Please see last Thursdays WWW page or yesterday's letter to an editor of another media source for my own opinion & the fact that I did support Padgate - I didn't take sides as I have found the whole thing devisive. I want the two communities to work together. In essence we are were we are because Tim Warren's analysis/review/recommendations. I belive that it was floored plus lots of thing have happened since then an I believe that a fresh analysis would draw a different set of conclusion epecially if the context was broadened. [ 08.02.2008, 06:50: Message edited by: Student Geoff ]
  3. I think that you need a consultant. Thanks for the advice but I'd rather keep a local focus. I've got enough to do with my studies at Chester, tonights stats lecture was a definite crammming session - but it will be stuff that will be very useful in the future - maybe at my forthcoming Industrial Tribunal in Liverpool. Did you support the school, especially as you live in the catchment area? [ 07.02.2008, 00:58: Message edited by: Student Geoff ]
  4. Wolfie many thank for your informed comments as always. :loveyou: I've no beef against this person in fact we usually get on well especially as we have to work together to achieve comon goals. I believe that peole still don't realise the danger of driving whilst on a phone mobile or hand free AND especially us men. Men can only focus on one thing at a time as for women well they can do multiple things and do them so well. People have only just begun to use seatbelrs automatically and what a fuss that was to implement.
  5. Interesting piece about mobile phone users on the front page today. During my pre-christmas traffic survey on Enfied Park Road I recorded two incidents - would I get a percentage or a finders fee if I had recorded their details down on my log? Plus do I get a bonus fee for divulging a Borough Councillors mobile call? When challenged he said that it was okay because he was on a car park!!!! - Maybe but is he telling me that he picked the call up as he drove through the entrance of the car park, which at that time of night was very busy. Is there one rule for us and another for them?
  6. Wolfie wrote 1. I track the ones that I report - I didn't day all 2. thw kids move on to new places 3. yes - make sure that you receive an incident number if you phone up (like the folk who live in Lymm) or a reply to you email. Eagle if it's the one that passed this time it is within a whisper of loosing it's license.
  7. Bazj, You?re covering many issues here in one post. You are right I and others do not know or can even imagine what you went through and I hope I never have to experience anything like it. I don't sympathise or excuse the action of the youths at all neither do the police. I can't say more on such a public forum especially as people know who I am. I have also learnt from experience that as well as being threatened with the cells my car has been damage and stones thrown against my window - so my family gets dragged into the situation which isn't fair on them. Just because I have a view on this particular case and have sympathy for the perpetrator I have a great deal of sympathy for his wife and family. It doesn't mean that I am defending criminal actions quite the reverse I want them put away but each case has to be judged on it?s de-merits. Finally it will be interesting to see what happens as a consequence of Helen Jones? meeting with Jack Straw today and also between Mrs Newlove and the Prime Minister. She is an exceptionally brave lady as are her girls and my heart goes out to them. Hopefully people will give them the time to grieve, especially the media who are tearing the place apart in order to get a headline.
  8. Baz Kate and I were debating the current sad case of the man who took his own son's life whilst mentally disturbed. I can only base my opinion on what has been reported. Like Observer infers this man should perhaps have been better supervised even locked up because of the potential threat he posed to himself & his family and he should have been taking his medication. As for Helen Newlove I think that there maybe a strong chance that we will meet in the near future. I think that she made an excellent speech. During our parish meeting on Thursday called by the local inspector I made the suggestion that we extract the main points from her speech and use them as an outline plan of actions that must be addressed. I can assure you that I do take my role as Parish Councillor seriously and regularly report back to the police on things that I have seen or learnt about. They do take action and would like to receive more intelligence so that they can put the criminals away. I have been involved in the police audits in the area and I was a passenger in the November 'Test Purchase? where we investigated the sale of alcohol to under 18's in the area. The establishments that failed will be dealt. However there are too many adults continuing to buy or give alcohol to kids. The inspector rook on board all our suggestions and gave us details of his ongoing and proposed initiatives during the 90 minute meeting. We will be meeting up in the near future to take things much further. Maybe I do appear to see the positive side in people. I know from experience that when I have taken action into my own hands the Warrington police have suggestion that I would be accompanying them to the spend time in their jail. That is something I don't want to do so I have had to find other ways. I work within and alongside the law as best I can.
  9. Please can you return your written REPRESENTATION RESPONSEFORM to the school today. You still have time via email to amt@warrington.gov.uk. Remember consultation period will only lasts until 31st January.
  10. Well thanks Bazj and Obs for your sympathetic indepth phsycological appraisal, you both have such a warm and caring nature. I'm hope that I don't have to rely on either of you at a time of crisis, I wonder where your sympathies will lie when you have to help, protect or rescue someone? [ 25.01.2008, 05:12: Message edited by: Student Geoff ]
  11. There is no denying that his actions killed his son and almost his daughter - but where was the control over his medication?
  12. Seems a good idea to me, there must be a load of people who get bladdered and home in the early hours grab a few hours kip. They then hit the road till over the limit with not a care in the world until it's too late.
  13. Well Dave, the post master, at the Padgate post office on station road was gutted yesterday. Everyone who came into the post office whilst I was there was down hearted and wishing him all the best for the future. The closure is going to have a big impact on the local community. Take yesterday the post office is a place where they could have reported the window that was smashed in the Padgate Rose. Dave could have phoned in the incident to the local bobbies. Fortunately PCSO Mark was close by on patrol and AG grabbed him whilst I was in his office so that I could pass on the details. I wouldn't have noticed the broken window, even though it was a massive whole, but for the workmen outside who pointed it out. They were putting a drainage gully outside the Chinese Restaurant so that the mini lake that appears when it rains is dealt with. At least now we can go for a meal when it rains without wearing Wellington boots As it is the local residents will have to travel a fair distance to get to the nearest post office.
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