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Creamfields - can you hear it ?


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not sure if i can hear it or not. heard some base beat between nine and ten last night but not sure if it was a neighbours stereo or creamfields music. it did seem to be in the distance so could have been creamfields.


if it was i can only wonder what it is like at the actual venue as i live about six miles away from it. or maybe four and a bit as the crow flies. :shock:


did not hear anything this morning whilst walking the dog but it is Sunday morning and they are probably keeping it down until after ten. will have a listen when i take the dog out again later. last year i heard it but the wind was blowing from that direction.

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Yes, later in the evening up to 11 pm I could hear it, yet earlier in the day I couldn't hear anything. Maybe it was the effect of limatic conditions as was the case last year, they have also moved the location of the manstage from 2008. Then at 11 the main stage closed and all music stopped at 4am. Music starts up again today at 10am and finishes at 11pm. I am meant to be going along for a site visit this afternoon, talk to the police etc and to visit some residents. When I went last year, a few minutes in the big tent left my ears ringing.

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Main stage events only start at 14.45 today so if you want a quieter visit go before then :wink:


Didn't know there was a funfair, famers market and even a vanity Spa for some pampering including makeovers and holistic therapy there too.. and even a fancy dress tent :?


Can we come with you Paul as some of us may benefit from a bit of therapy :lol::D

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Can hear it and am fed up of it!

Deep repetitive thumping, sounds like some kind of primeval war drums, really irritating! do they call that music?


I understand from experts that bass at a certain level gets adrenaline going, and that is why some people love it, it is a sort of high. Don't know about that, some of the women there will get pneumonia the way they were dressed...not dressed. :wink:

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Maybe it got my adrenalin going too without me realising it as I've got loads done today :D


The 'boom boom' bass has definately been louder here this afternoon than it was last night but that's probably because the wind is blowing this way. Can also hear/feel it slightly with the windows shut but all in all it's not started to really annoy me yet.


Just glad that there hasn't been any trouble.


PS Paul... I hope you didn't look at the young ladies for too long :lol::lol: The lib dems will use it against you :P


I saw some yesterday dressed in bikini type tops, very short shorts and leopard print wellies. :?:lol:

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First time on here, we can hear it, its been extremely loud since lunch time due to the direction of the wind, can't wait for it to finish again for another year!



Have you registered your complaint with Creamfields - 02031763106 and with Halton Borough Council, sorry I don't have their number, the WBC one is 01925 444400. They can send out somebody to measure the sound level.


Only just over another hour to go.


PS Welcome to the Forum.

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Hi Ericsandfamily and welcome to the forum :D


The number given for WBC is manned until midnight tonight by out of hours staff... but with less than an hour to go there's not much they will be able to do about it. But I suspect your complaint will have to be logged though.


The other number Paul gives is for Creamfields onsite but they wont be able to hear their phones ring :shock::lol:


It's nearly over now so try and ignore it and think how quiet it will seem tomorrow :D


PS you can also hear it in Thellwall :shock:


PPS Dizzy who Paul :? Gosh I'm getting old :cry:

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I bought a ticket for Creamfields....................what a waste of money. The evening was ruined by the deafening music and thousands of scantily clad teenagers, in fact, I didn't see another pensioner there !! :(


Not much wrong with your hearing or eyeshight then Victor :lol::lol::P


There were probably plenty of other pensioners there but they were probably all tucked up and all sleeping soundly with their hearing aids turned off...... after their drop of rum in their rented cocoons...... wondering what time the cream teas would actually be served tomorrow morning :lol::wink:


Saying that some of the yurts, squirts, pod/bellepads etc etc did look really cosy :wink:

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Are Dizzy the ones who are still playing (22:48) just so I know for future reference so I don't but one of their CD's :lol:


They have exactly the same beat for all their songs (which strangely enough is the same as all the other beats all weekend though :? ) only they are louder and seem to shout their words.


Yoooooo !!!


... and if it is them them they have an unusually tallent..... they have completely freaked my dog out and she wont go outside at all. Not like her :shock: Whimp :lol:

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Hello again all thanks for the warm welcome indeed,


yes we heard Dizzee and Basement Jaxx! Loud and Proud, I did call the number given out to residents and HBC our council who did measure the noise in the village and even paid me a visit to say the measurement was 60 decibels and thats just under the limit of 65! At that point the noise surged and the crowd yelled out oi oi oi!

Think that was over 65 decibels now actually!

Like you all say, its over for another year from 11 tonight except for the mess and the odd ones who take pleasure in annoying residents by peeing in their gardens and sleeping on their lawns I guess?


You know if it was a music festival and not a dance festival I think this area would welcome it with open arms, more so that it probably wouldn't go on until 4am on the first night, its the whole noise until very late and the odd behaviour that spoils it for the rest who attend the event that gives the situation a bad name.


It is only two days but there are some elderly who live by themselves who get very worried about the situation and I just don't think the council do enough to regulate the event itself and time limits, noise and behaviour etc...moan over ( :) )


Cream has a reputation for a drug fuelled event and no matter how they police it things will go a miss, its just not the sort of event we should have around here, so it's up to the organisers now to prove to the council and residents that they can control not only the noise but the stress of disruption to locals and ease traffic.


It's a bit much when you have to have your telly on a silly high level just to drown out the noise and your animals are terrified of the noise, I would just like to see the council do a bit more, after all the council tax is expensive around here :o


Still the HBC said all the complaints are logged and go towards their licence request for next year(like that would make any difference).

Thanks for reading, have a nice evening to all.

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