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Creamfields - can you hear it ?


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The first brewing 'G' was St Helens born and bred Thomas but he came to live at Wilderspool when his house was built next to the new brewery in 1791 (after he and his two partners had purchased the nearby Sarascens Head brewery). After Thomas died in 1805 his 3 sons inherited and eldest Edward took Liverpool solicitor John Whitley into partnership in 1824. Walton Hall was built 1837 for the Greenall family and the larger Wilderpool brewery was buit in 1886. Gilbert Greenall was Warrington's Tory MP for 34 years in 1800s so the Warrington connections of the 'G' family are strong enough for me. With the last of the 'Whitley' family connections having lived in Hatton village I doubt whether Creamfields would have ever received consideration if they had been around today. The present head 'G' has ruined a pleasant rural area by taking acres out of the Green Belt for an 'Office Park' and renting out land for an event which has disrupted wildlife and ruined habitat - apart from upsetting hundreds of near neighbours.

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