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Why are they asking for your postcode at the tip?


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Question is why are you asking us instead of the bloke a the tip? :roll:


I can't think of any reason why anyone would ask such a pointless question unless the council thinks that Wiganers might using covert tactics dispose of their waste.


Sounds like another daft money wasting idea from the council think tank.


Bill :)

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Well next time you go to the tip; ask the bloke the postcode of his company head office and then you will be able to tell!!


I don't understand why they let legalised pikeys run the tips anyway...... can't the council employees drive a tip wagon or put a piece of 3 x 2 into the wood skip?

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I went to Woolston tip today, and was politely asked my postcode as I live in Woolston he waved me through, does anybody have an explanation?






Maybe they are just seeing how far people have to travel to dispose of their waste. Our local tip in Stockton Heath doesn't accept bricks or rubble and last time I went I'm sure the signs told us to go to Woolston or Sankey.


Would they have let you in if you had quoted a 'non-woolston' postcode.... did you ask them?


Try telling them EH14 next time you go... it's an area called 'Currie' in Edinburgh :lol::lol:

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I?ve just visited the tip this morning and got asked the same question. I asked the bloke why he need my post code and was told it?s because people are travelling from Manchester to dump their rubbish here.


I?d already told the bloke it was just recycling a working but unwanted mini hi-fi in a carrier bag but he was adamant that he still needed my postcode. If I?d been driving a transit van or pulling a trailer load of junk I wouldn?t have argued but a carrier bag on the front seat of a sports car, nah I don?t buy that.


He said that because I wouldn?t give him my postcode, then he?d have to record my registration number. I asked what he was going to do with that but he just replied it wasn?t up to him.


And we wonder why the council claims they?re short of money. :roll:


Bill :)

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Maybe he thought you'd nicked the Stereo and were dumping the evidence Bill :lol::lol::P Only kidding :P


Do you have to give them your full postcode or is the first part ie WA4 etc ok.


There are so may what if's and way's around it that it's not worth asking people in the first place. The people who will tell them the truth aren't the ones that they need to catch out anyway :roll:




What if..... your postcode is used by someone else to deposit endless amounts of waste at the tip... will you get fined for overuse or something :roll:


What if..... you live in Warrington but refuse to give them your postcode and they take your registration number.... but your car is a company car leased to your companies head office in Scotland... will they accuse you of travelling from Scotland to deposit your rubbish :lol:


What if.... you park your car around the corner and walk in with all your bags of rubish. If you refuse to tell them your postcode will they take details of your height, hair and eye colour :lol:


What if... as a female :D I simply said I was not willing to give a complete stranger my full home post code for obvious reasons and I felt that I was being put at risk by having to divulge such sensive information :lol::lol:


or better still what if.... I just shut up and learn to type shorter replies rather than rabbiting on about rubbish :lol::lol:

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