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Justice in the past


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you missed out branding and the witches duckin stool. The rack was stretching it too far. The crush was also very popular where they just kept added weights to a board with the person underneath. We have signed up to the 'no death penalty' so you can't kill them.

As far as local justice goes the stocks were a good harmless punishment by the people.

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There is no one answer. A tiughening up generally is perhaps called for on the punishment/deterrent side of the argument.


Jails a bit less comfortable; remission a little less; punishments a bit nearer the maximum for repeat offenders.

My own favourite would be a little re-branding of all the acts which cause trouble - as an example changing the adjectives to give people whose property is being attacked, a little bit more cover than the "reasonable force" we are stuck with at the moment.

Very big argument, but the toughening up should start out with schools; young people; and their parents.


Happy days


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Possibly also take a tip from the Anglo-Saxons' ........... they used to remove somebodys finger or brand or 'permanently' mark a 'wrongdoer' in some way so it would be a reminder for them through life, and also a sign to others of past 'wrongdoings' !! the harshest one they had was scalping !! which then of course continued throughout history and was used through the Civil war, and thus passed on in the early 17th century to America by the settling pilgrim fathers, and thus adopted by the native Americans.

The Anglo-Saxon punishment came more to the fore once they began to fully convert to Christianity.

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its funny, this topic comes up on notice boards so often, and never is there a single person touting the liberalist softly softly approach that gathers momentum year after year.... so who the hell is behind the current situation today ???

who the hell thinks these policies are vote winners...


or is it a case that the government allow this to get to this state JUST so they can make soundbites of "getting tough on crime/causes of" because were all so stupid, we think something will finaly get done.

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Originally posted by Wingnut:

Why not use the race track at Vicky park as a collessium?

Undercover seating is already in place to shield us from the burning sun, and the council would make enough money from ticket sales to refurbish Ackers Pit properly. We could start with the hoodies.

Bring Back The Games!

Now there's a thought ! :D ......... who's looking after the lions though ?? :D
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