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Acceptable behaviour on social media?


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While we wouldn't allow a forum member to address another on here with such language it would appear a significant number of people think it is Ok for an elected MP to RE tweet the f word about your opposition.

Personally, I wouldn't use the f word full stop as an insult to anyone or any organisation - but maybe I am just old school and too polite. I'd rather have a healthy debate and walk away from the table still on speaking terms with anyone I disagreed with (Bill) ;) 

What do others think ?



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having been dragged up in a time where racism and bigotry was not only rife but the norm i can honestly say that even then using the F word was not only frowned upon but positively treated as something worse than murder. it was and should still be considered as an outrageous thing to say about anybody.

these days though it seems to be no more than a common expression used less for shock value than it used to be. where uttering it would cause widespread condemnation currently it seems that it is, if not acceptable, then socially tolerated more than the term 'black' seems to be at present.

whether it was the rise of the 'new wave' comedians that has accounted for this or not i could not say but they seem to have made 'crude' language more acceptable than it once was.

that a certain phrase was used by the crowd is not something that can be controlled. the problem lies in that the person then put the phrase on a public platform and then went on to defend their actions not by apologising but but by saying they saw nothing wrong with what they had done.

for a normal member of the public to do this would have them at least banned from that social media platform at the very least for a month. that an elected mp should do this calls into question whether they are capable of carrying out their duties as an mp with competence.

such a stupid action made without thinking puts doubt on their ability, especially as they are in the public eye and thus subject to greater scrutiny of their actions by both the press and their peers.

on a personal note, despite my upbringing i can say that i have overcome any racism or bigotry that was instilled into me in my younger days, not totally, but enough to not express them in public or out loud. the swearing not so much but that again is usually not uttered in public, although when i stub the little toe on the edge of the door at two in the morning it does get uttered out loud.....🤬

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Neanderthals can't help it, but those claiming a degree of education should confine themselves to the King's English imo.   Language changes with each generation, such that F- is now seen as an acceptable expletive, while N-  and numerous homophobic titles are now considered hateful, especially in a world of acute sensitivity, feigned or otherwise.    :rolleyes:

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In my opinion this flow from disrespect for political opponents and an attempt to dehumanise them and their opinions rather than win by discussion. It has been like this in Warrington for 30 years and nationally Alistair Campbell made it prevalent, and still practices it today. The new wave comedians used that language and insulted the Tories as a way of being edgy and it is seen as mainstream on BBC comedy. The right doesn't in general seem to try to win by simply being contemptuous of the left, but it does happen occasionally.

It is a well understood tactic of the left to take control of language by distorting it, as recommended in Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky and a mainstay of wokeism. The ploy is to use language your opponent doesn't and decry terms in common use as offensive. One of the oldest versions being to insist on calling a chairman a chair! 

There is little that can be done to stop it happening so the best response is to ignore it since the people doing it are doing so to deflect you. Just ignore it and carry on using the language you prefer - to see how much it annoys people consider the example of Jacob Rees-Mogg who irritates his opponents and loves doing it!

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Oh dear, swearing in public isn’t good but advocating hate, how wrong is that?

That woman typifies my view of many of the people involved with politics, whether elected or simply as party members. As I said in a recent post, they can’t help doing or saying things like this because they’ve effectively allowed themselves to become brainwashed by only engaging with groups of likeminded nasty people, I’ll leave it at that.

On the swearing issue, last night, my wife decided to watch a new series on TV. I only caught small bits of it but every other word was “f”ing, so much so that even I felt uncomfortable. I was brought up in a family with Christian values and beliefs so for me, swearing was something that other people did. We all swear at times and these days I suppose I’m no different, but it depends on circumstances, where you are and who you’re with. I think anyone that knows me well enough will know that I’m not nor ever have been that foul mouthed troublemaker that had to be banned from this forum.

Little story… A few years back, I had a young school lad doing work experience. At the end of his stay, he had to present a report on his time with us. He wrote “I was warned to expect some bad language but in the two weeks I’ve been here, I’ve not heard a single swear word!”  New "F"ing batteries for his hearing aid I think. 😂


Bill 😊

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The local Tories are being opportunistic of course, but Charlotte is quite spectacularly unsuited for a role as an MP. There have been far too many incidents now. She also likes to play the victim when called out on her own misjudgements, unpleasantness and stupidity. 

If she stays on, which it looks like she will, somebody needs to work with her and help her to grow up at the very least.  

Also, the silence of a council that has made such a big thing about 'debate not hate' tells you all you need to know about them and what they really mean. What they want is NO DEBATE. 

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