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Gesture Politics ?

Observer II

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The soccer authorities going with the kneeling campaign just illustrates how liberal and therefore dumb they are.  This ‘rascist’ thing is a small cadre of idiots cyber screaming and swearing, I put rascist in quotes, because it’s meaning has now become lost. They are not influenced by campaigns and PSA’s, the only thing that can stop it is to shut down the social media outlets, which would be good all round.

However, the stupid soccer authorities launch a campaign that insults 99% of the population by suggesting that we are all rascists.  Kinda like putting down speed bumps to catch a handful of speeders but penalizing a 100% of the population. They mistakenly offer up BLM, a domestic terror organization as their mentor and use the actions of the most disliked person in the US, Kappernick as the point of their campaign !

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Perhaps if Mr Southgate had picked players who are fit rather than his favourites they may have done better last night. Kane was obviously not fit and hardly touched the ball, Sterling has been out of form for ages now. The fact that goalkeeper Jordan Pickford was England's best performer speaks volumes.

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