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April Foolery....


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I say,i say,i say, learned brothers & sisters, does anyone remember the afternoon of April Fool's day becoming " Legging over Day" ?

Was it a thing peculiar to Warrington or just to the school i went to ? Some friends i mentioned  it to yesterday had never heard of it.

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Think it petered out in the early to mid seventies.

Was seen to be unacceptable behaviour by the new wave of safety conscious thinkers, along with British bulldog and conkers.

As far as i remember April fools pranks went on until noon after which anybody playing one was deemed the fool and legging over went on from noon until about four pm when the schools finished.

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Thank you learned scholars , i was beginning to doubt my memory . I remember it was always painful when you landed on on the school yard tarmac.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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