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Is it worth reporting ?

Observer II

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We were talking to our next door neighbour the other day ,socially distanced, & she has an Alexa. Her & her partner had been talking about camping equipment in the privacy of their own home. Next time our neighbour went on t'internet she was bombarded with camping adverts. Spooky ,sinister or what ?

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12 hours ago, Davy51 said:

I'm glad i haven't got one then or i would be getting adverts from some strange sites.


I have a kindle thingy with alexa built in. Never use it for anything but an ereader. Have the alexa turned off and only connect to the internet with it about once a fortnight to check if there are any updates. To be honest it only gets used for about an hour a night to read before i go to sleep or at least try to go to sleep.

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I get a call supposedly from Amazon saying that someone has spent £47 out of my Amazon account and to press 1 on my phone touch pad to contact their accounts dept, I contacted Amazon who confirmed that it was a spoof call.

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it is usually the amazon prime will be continued and some odd sum of money will be taken from your account that i get press 1 to opt out. never bother as i do not have an amazon prime account either free or paid for.

Still not heard from "dave" at microsoft technical department yet, might have to make a few enquiries t see if he is still working there...🔎...🕵️‍♀️


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Usually get those on a Tuesday.

Loft insulation scheme Fridays.

Occasionally amazon on a Thursday

Free boiler check and install on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays. Switch energy/insurance/life cover/funeral plan on the other alternate Mondays and Wednesdays.

I no longer answer the phone unless a named person comes up on the handset or i am expecting a call from  a medical person.( they tend to use withheld numbers).

I feel really sorry for my answer machine it only ever gets to talk to other automated callers. I am sure it is getting depressed...🥺

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