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But she's hard-left Labour just like her dad (who is a good mate of Corbyn and also a top union boss).... and she's Jewish... (Well she has been for a few months apparently.... which is convenient) and apparently she's spent loads of time in Salford... and Liverpool.... so she ticks all the right boxes 🙄

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It's Cathy Mitchell's house. Charlotte Nichols is registered on the electoral roll in Islington so the question is why she gave the Deputy Leader's address as her home address on the nomination form. That may be the breach of the law. 

I think there are two possibilities. The most generous and likely interpretation is that they're rattled about the backlash to her being parachuted into a safe seat so have pretended she lives in the Borough for the credulous to see on their ballot papers. The other possibility is they've done that and committed electoral fraud at the same time, all under the watchful gaze of the agent and proposer, a Mr R Bowden, the seconder, a Ms C Mitchell, and the returning officer, a Mr S Broomhead. 

BTW, watch how Russ deals with this sort of stuff. He has a standard MO. He first will make an aggressive assertion about 'mischief' and ignorance of some issue - classically people not knowing the difference between revenue and capital budgets or some stuff about the Tories - then when asked for a supporting detail for his assertion - let's say whether interest paid on capital spending comes out of revenue budgets, the cost of the council's offices, Redwood Bank, why the candidate for North Warrington is registered in Islington but has given her home address as somebody else's, and so on... 

...he disappears. It obviously frustrates him that the people of Warrington won't just be told and pipe down. I assume he doesn't respond to the police and the Electoral Commission in the same hectoring tone.        

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Islington eh ? !   😉     An illustration of the way in which Labour operates from an elite middle class base in London, to venture into the realm of those dark satanic mills,  in order to farm the votes of the Prols.   And they wonder why they no longer resonate with the aspirations of working class voters.   Seems the only choice for Leave voters is to vote for Nigel  or hold their noses and vote Boris.

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