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Don't eat it all at once


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Great unless you are allergic to nuts.

And just what do you do with the half an egg left over for the rest of the week?

I do wonder how long the people who advocate such diets would fair living on said diets for twelve months and whether they would change their minds afterwards.☠️

I do note that there is no mention of how much beer/wine/gin you are allowed to consume or any beverage for that matter.🥂

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On 1/18/2019 at 10:24 AM, Observer II said:

According to a news item, world population is heading for 10 billion by 2050, so ever more mouths to feed.  Then they said, around 10million folk are dying prematurely either through starvation or through gluttony - so isn't nature trying to balance the books ?

9,999,999 by 2050. I will be learning to play my harp by then 


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However only 11 billion by the end of the century is the forecast, the rate is slowing down. What we need is continued development in the places with high population growth as with better health and economic conditions the birth rate always falls. The danger is listening to the green/climate fanatics who want to reduce development as with that comes self-defeating population growth. Watch the Rosling video, he didn't make the numbers up.

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