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Spotted this today near Sankey Green/Pink Eye roundabout when I was having a stroll :lol:

Seems the parking prices in the town centre are making some people choose to park a little further out of the town centre and leave their cars there all day annoying people while they work or shop.



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The market multi storey is £1.00 for three hours and is not as far away from the golden square as this place. so £1.00 for three hours and not as far to walk is too expensive for some people.....


There are several places offering all day parking for £2.50 that are closer to town centre. you could even park for free at the "asda" car park at cockhedge if you spend more than a fiver in asda and get your ticket validated at the till.


Could understand it if it was the golden square or the short stay at cockhedge which is £1.00 for the first hour.

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perhaps something along these lines would be a more effective deterrant.




Do know that a year or two back my brother was attending a funeral that had the after funeral drinks at the roosters place. he and several others parked near the bowling green pub. all were given parking tickets as the area had double yellow lines. they would have used the old pub car park but it was full of cars from staff at lever brothers at the time.

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because when i parked across the entrance to take pics of teh double yellows around teh place for an appeal by my brothers, (didn't want to park on double yellows did i) an irate memebr of levers staff, who had just come off shift and walked to his car from the gate in that area had a right go at me. he did not want to be late home to which i replied that he should have used the staff car park then instead of the pub car park.

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