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Please read - from Admin


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I'm sure I'm not the only one who is getting completely fed up of seeing certain topics on here once again descending into silly bickering matches and also personal attacks between members. 

It is totally unfair, it is spoiling the forum and is also very off-putting for other members and must be more so for newer ones.

Everyone has different opinions about things and disagreements are good and what make for good discussion but please remember

Name calling and personal attacks towards other forum members is NOT allowed and is against forum rules !!

Now can we all start playing nicely please and stop the silliness :D

Thank you


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Hi Hill Clifffe Walker, sorry for my slowness today.

I have just removed the silly posts, well not completely removed them but they are no longer visible to members just to me and Gary as Admin.

Hopefully there will be no more of the same :D

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They have gone now so lets all move on  :D :D

Must admit I rather like the idea of a 'School Yard' section Davy :lol:  

It could be restricted so that only members who actually want to be in it could see it too.... the forum's clever like that

I could be headmistress, you could be caretaker so what else do we need and who wants to be it :lol: :lol:

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I have a complaint to make .......

Last night, and presumably because of this topic, I was dreaming that I was being chased by giant hairy catterpillas.  They were evil things and were calling my name in a low slow and scarey way over and over and over again.
They had mouths with sharp teeth which dribbled foul white slime and no matter how far I ran or where I hid I could hear them getting closer again calling me and coming to get me..

I woke up in a right panic but thankfully that was before they ate me or whatever it was that they were going to do to me :|:cry::lol:

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