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  1. Firs Lane - The road is still the same, Davy. Even when walking on it, you need to tread carefully.
  2. HENRY SHAW born 1847 died 1914.docx HENRY SHAW born 1847 died 1914 Son of Thomas and Ellen Shaw “ BRITISH " Death of a Village celebrity Warrington Guardian 1914 A correspondent who signs himself “W” writes as follows: - “Poor old British”, this exclamation escaped from many lips in Stockton Heath on Tuesday morning when news reached the village that Harry Shaw had been found dead on the roadside between Manchester and Warrington. As one who knew this remarkable character from the time of my early recollections of my native village, I feel I cannot let this figure pass out without a few thoughts of appreciation – if you like, although people may be horrified at this thought. My first remembrance of “British” was seeing him starting the threshing machine “ “ then fast getting more in vogue. An event in our village life was a visit of the “iron “, then drawn by four or six horses for the boys of “Gaffer Grindrod’s School” - at this threshing at Bennett’s Farm, situated where the shoeing smithy is now near the Police Station. “British” has a wonderful little fox terrier bitch which worried rats at an exceptionally quick and smart rate, to the pride of the owner, and delight of the youngsters. “British”, in his time, had been a fairly renowned fighter, in the days when men settled differences with their fists, and many a bout had “British” in the cockpits of Back Lane, Narrow Lane and Mill Lane, and the fashionable Grappenhall Road. It was his delight to relate to the writer his many encounters, and how many times he had had various parts of his anatomy smashed and repaired; in fact one of his expressions was “You would have a crooked nose, if you had it broken four times like mine”. The making of the Ship Canal found him many engagements, with varying results, but he gleefully reckoned to always uphold the honour of his native village. His love for little children was great, and many halfpenny worth of sweets has he bought to distribute among them – a fact which the little ones are well aware of. The last time I spoke to him, he was quite prepared, he said, to “fight if them Germans came to Stockton Heath”. A queer expression he used then, and very frequently was “I shall not live much longer, and when I’m gone, there is no coming back – and when I’m buried, put on my grave “A British bulldog, a game-cock and a prize pigeon”. Yes, poor old “British”, you have gone before that Great Tribunal, think only of you as one of God’s children, however erring you may have been (like we all are): and trust that God’s mercy may be granted you in the Great White City in which we are all born heirs as children of God.
  3. Hello Millie. Hill Cliffe is not the name of a house, but the name of a district which is South of Stockton Heath. There would have been several business people of substance who lived in this area. Have you any more info about your Grandfather ?
  4. The following message was received from Harry's son, Peter, yesterday - 'We've finally got details of Dad's funeral arranged. Thursday 23rd Feb 12:00 noon at Grappenhall Independent Methodist Church WA4 2LN. (the one on the Knutsford Road, just up from the Fir Grove hotel). Then 1pm at Walton Lea Crematorium WA4 6TB. Family flowers only. Donations to St Rocco's Hospice, Warrington. He always joked that "the number of people attending your funeral depends solely on the weather" so your attendance to prove him wrong would be welcomed. Please share this post as you are able to spread the word as widely as possible. Thank you.' I am sure that our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time. He will be sadly missed by many !!
  5. This link is to the Facebook group 'Warrington School Photos and People' - specifically 'Warrington High School for Girls'. https://www.facebook.com/groups/267125206825/search/?query=High%20School%20for%20Girls
  6. I have seen this link, which gives you an idea of the The Retreat - http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html/svr/3110;jsessionid=65E27B60E0FC2BF32BA058BE1478F433?prop=25886321&sale=84632037&country=england
  7. Hello Katherine, The Retreat in still there in Bedford Street, Stockton Heath. It is on the right hand side, going from Whitefield Road.
  8. Microsoft accused of dirty tricks .............. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/microsoft-accused-dirty-tricks-customers-201601449.html
  9. Microsoft accused of dirty tricks ............ https://uk.news.yahoo.com/microsoft-accused-dirty-tricks-customers-201601449.html
  10. Gary Skentelbery, Editor of Warrington Worldwide, interviews Professor Steven Broomhead. Published on 17 Dec 2014 Interview with Warrington Borough Council CEO Steven Broomhead who talks about the town's economic prosperity, traffic congestion and even more council budget cut backs scheduled for the New Year. https://youtu.be/GH0eSfZQJm8
  11. Bazj, I have sent you a private message on here, and messsged you of Facebook with a picture.
  12. I am not sure if this has already been posted here http://www.pts.co.uk/mixed-use/garnetts-cabinet-works-warrington/ 'Warrington Borough Council have decided that they want to develop it and the surrounding area into a cosmopolitan housing area.' (WG 2014)
  13. PLANNING chiefs at Warrington have given the go-ahead for a pair of semi-detached houses on the site of the old Ship Inn at Walton – despite strong opposition from local people. http://www.warringto...toric-pub-site/
  14. http://www.wirefm.com/news/local/two-weeks-to-save-historic-stockton-heath-church-bell/ We are told that St Thomas's parish were unable to find anyone to take the bell, so they offered it as part exchange for the new set being installed once the church is renovated. This fund-raising would not have been neccessary, if St Thomas's Church had allowed those interested in acquiring the bell to be given a chance to do that, instead of letting it go to the foundry in part payment for the new bells. I am sure that any monies being raised under those circumstances, would have gone directly to the Church, and not the foundry. All of this desperation to raise money by a deadline could have been avoided, and there would have been no need for the Civic Society to try to raise enough, as they are doing now.
  15. PLANNING chiefs at Warrington have given the go-ahead for a pair of semi-detached houses on the site of the old Ship Inn at Walton – despite strong opposition from local people. http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2016/02/06/homes-approved-on-historic-pub-site/
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