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a match that will stay with me for a while. edge of the seat stuff. some great tries and some really bruising play. did think that Samoa might have won it at one point but just too much of a deficit. Would love to know what the coach said to them at half time as they seemed to be a totally different team at the start of the second half.

think if it had been any other team but new zealand they would have won easy. That No. 17 takes some stopping when he gets a head of steam on him. no wonder they passed the ball to him after the kick off.


hope tonight's match is half as good.

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Been some really great rugby played over the matches so far and some really impressive tries scored. What impresses me is the running onto the ball. they seem to be going all out by the time they get passed the ball and make some really great yardage out of it. often see four or five having to make tackles such is the power of some of the platers.


also enjoyed the commentary on premier sports as well, actual comments on the match and not something that happened twenty years ago when great granddad tackled somebody else's great granddad when he was offside like you get with hemmings and co.


also have to smile at some of the names of the players, right tongue twisters some of em.

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Media coverage is usually a reflection of public interest, so when you get 22000 watching a quarter final of the Rugby League World Cup against 82000 watching what was little more than a friendly then you can understand which way the tv companies lean.


Not only the tv though, my Sunday paper had 5 pages of Rugby Union coverage v 2 half columns of Rugby League..


Also when you get a side winning 62-0 in the quarter finals it doesn't really generate excitement in the game.

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