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... do we have to have Warrington v Leeds kicking off at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon when there is a full football fixture - and more importantly Warrington Town at home in the FA Cup in one of their biggest games of the season.

Not exactly prime time TV to get the best audience figures and those with a foot in football and rugby camps (and there are a lot of us) have to choose between the two.

I will be taking in the FA Cup action at Warrington Town - and sending my understudy to the Halliwell Jones. :angry:


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 Sky have probably realised that, apart from some of the fans of the contestants, nobody is interested in the play offs.



But the play offs are sky's baby !  Shouldn't they be banging the drum to sell this competition.


It just shows the low regard sky have for Rugby League  & i wonder how long it will be before they pull the plug on their involvement .

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They could have done something like;



Hull FC vs Catalan



St Helens vs Hull KR



Warrington vs Leeds - 5:30pm

Huddersfield vs Wigan - 7:15pm


It would have punished the lower placed finishers by making them play earlier, and rewarded the higher placed.  The only clash would be Saturday night football rather than all of the fixtures.

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