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  1. Their advertising and all the white space takes up more of the page than the actual stories. I'm on a 24" monitor and their content is squashed into the middle of the monitor. All of that advertising should pay for someone to design them a decent website.
  2. I don't know if it's a scheme brought in by Roger but the 2016 Easy Pay (8-month Standing Order) to spread the cost of season tickets is a good idea. We need to improve the technology on our tickets, at Saints and some other stadiums the barcoded tickets make it much easier. For season ticket holders we could have a card that you just tap to get in, it seems old fashioned to carry around a book bigger than my phone. We could then even have a system where you can add/remove games from your season ticket. I know it will cost quite a bit of money but we can't have these outdated systems. I know that the media always complain about the WiFi so I'd sort that out, you want to make sure the media can get content about us out there quickly. The service in the club shop was nicer and very quick when I went in on Wednesday. In the past I've known customers have been spoken down to. I agree we've got to encourage businesses and people that are new to Warrington to come. Can he lower the cost of a pint?, at Saints it was £3.10 (acceptable for stadium pricing) £4 is just too far, especially when it's not quality beer.
  3. The council were told at the time during the consultation meetings that the new school wasn't going to be big enough, and it was too soon to close Sycamore Lane Primary. All they said was "We've done our calculations" Their calculations mustn't have accounted for more people moving into Sankey, and a baby boom.
  4. http://www.warrington.gov.uk/info/200352/consultation/1784/birchwood_pinchpoint_scheme This work has been required for years, and should improve journey times (including mine) to Birchwood Park and other surrounding areas. There's certainly the room to widen the roads, and it's great they're also planning to improve the cycle/pedestrian routes at the same time.
  5. The U19's play Salford at Crosfields on Saturday, kick off is at 12. It's been confirmed entry is free to everyone, if you require car parking however it's £3. Warrington U19s currently sit top of the league 4 points ahead of Leeds Rhinos with a game in hand. Salford are currently 10th having won 4 of 14 games. There will be a BBQ, hot drinks, and the bars will also be open. The weather also looks to be staying dry.
  6. No you don't need to install any additional protection, and there's no antivirus software available for iOS. There are hardware and software features built in, which protect users. Apple additionally approves every app manually, before it appears in their App Store.
  7. I'm glad I run Linux Mint on my desktop, and have an iPhone. Both have fantastic protection against viruses and malware, unlike Windows and Android.
  8. At only 2:30 this afternoon the traffic was gridlocked around Cockhedge roundabout. A big problem is Midland Way isn't wide enough to cope these days, especially since the entrance to the multi-story was added. Today I saw cars, which simply wanted to go straight ahead, stuck behind cars waiting to go into the multi-story.
  9. lister


    They could have done something like; Thursday Hull FC vs Catalan Friday St Helens vs Hull KR Saturday Warrington vs Leeds - 5:30pm Huddersfield vs Wigan - 7:15pm It would have punished the lower placed finishers by making them play earlier, and rewarded the higher placed. The only clash would be Saturday night football rather than all of the fixtures.
  10. We need to put up with our street in Sankey being used extensively for learner driving, but I bet we can't get our street changed to access only. The streets near Smith Drive must be mad that they get extra traffic due to this restriction.
  11. Problems for Warrington Town Centre; Poor road network: The roads in Warrington can put people off from venturing into the centre. Warrington needs more roads and bridges to provide alternative and/or quicker routes. Poor town centre living options: Mainly the town centre is old terraced houses or apartments, leading to most of the town living away from the centre. More family housing is required near the centre, which would help drive more money into the centre and improve the atmosphere. It might also help reduce traffic. Lack of town centre office space: A lot of companies are in Westbrook, Sankey, Birchwood etc. instead of the town centre. Because of that those office workers aren't spending their money at lunchtime or at other times in the centre. Low number of restaurants and entertainment: A few restaurants have been added to the centre in the last few years but more are needed, maybe down Bridge Street. For entertainment like Cinema and Bowling you've also got to go outside the centre. This leaves the night-life, which many people avoid and go elsewhere.
  12. I'm not sure if the buses are part of the strike, if they are that will cause problems for me getting to work. I will have to check if I can work from home, if not I will have to either cycle the 7 miles, or claim for a taxi. With Border Control more countries are increasingly introducing Biometric passports and there are electronic gates to automatically check them. That will help to reduce the queues as there won't be all of the manual checks. So in future we might not require as many working on passport control. Children shouldn't have long holidays off school, which also leads to the teachers having long holidays and then they also take training days. Cut down the number of holidays they are far too high, why should other workers for example only receive 26 days holiday.
  13. There is also Touch Rugby on Mondays at The Grange that I go to, various ages/pace/skill level taking part. Costs £1, get around 3 - 4 games in just over an hour.
  14. Cheers John, yeah might see you around. I go in The Looking Glass before games these days though. No I'm not going Catalan, last time I went was 2009 I think. If I went again I'd go outside of Perpignan and travel in on the day, as there's not much to do in Perpignan.
  15. Facebook for keeping in touch with friends Twitter for following Celebs, Warrington Players/Warrington Wolves Official account for news and score updates, some friends and to see trends. I still think there is a big place for proper forums like this though.
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