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20 years on!.


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... and not a hoodie in sight :lol:  (1.46 mins in was rather funny though.. although he should really have picked the can up that he kicked as he was heading to the bin anyway.  Wobbly ??)


I remember Bridge Street and the market  being absolutely chocker with shoppers and browsers every Saturday.  I used to go most weekends with my friends from the 80's to mid 90's and that video reminded me just how busy it always used to be. 


I hardly go these days as the shops are all the same and do they really need so many coffee shops everywhere? The market is dead and there's not much in it (the butchers are good though)  and with the likes of Woolies, TJ Hughes, Jessops (my favourite camera shop) and HMV all gone there's not much to entice me to be honest.  Even Boot's isn't a patch on the big store they used to have on Bridge Street :(   


Maybe once the council have revamped the pavements and road down Bridge Street and put the flower tubs there more traders will be enticed into taking on the empty units down Bridge Street... real shops not caffe's,  takeaways, bars, restaurants or coffee shops though please  :|  :lol:

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I have said it before and I'll say again; the Town Centre and in particular; Bridge Street has been turned into a vast memorial and place and reminder  of tragedy with the "river of Life" it should have been left how it was and a memorial built somewhere else 

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