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Photos above Warrington!


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Thought I would post these photos of cloud formations over Warrington I took yesterday afternoon (well! I wasn't actually over Warrington I was stood in our garden) and would like to dedicate them to Horace as I don't want him to feel neglected. :D:wink:







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:lol:  :lol:


You started it Algy and it's taken me a day to look again after seeing Evils comment about the scarey waving person.


Bills gorilla in the bath looks like Homer Simpson and (I'm sorry) lying on what appears to be a compromising position on top a something with a pigs face and big ears...


As for Gary's fluffy dog in the last one... well I can see a dog too but to me it looks like a little hairy shitzu or Lhasa  lying on it's back waiting for a tummy tickle (head on the right on an angle looking towards the camera... and two paws up... body.. then back legs up and faded a little on the left)

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It's Algy that need the psychiatrist because after all, he's the one that posted the pictures. :lol:



Bill :)

I posted the photos for their artistic merit it's you 'duck eggs' that turned into psycho's surgery, anyway mrs algy says I'm beyond help!. :lol:

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