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Did the earth move.....


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:lol:  :lol:


If you are referring to the earthquake this morning (today) Cleo... some of my family are in a static caravan pretty much right where the epicentre (is that spelt right) was said to have been and they slept right through it and didn't feel or hear a thing.  Weird lot :lol:

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 Ooops I see what you all mean. :oops:  :oops:  :lol:  


Trying to change the route that this could now take........... has anyone heard if there was another tremor at around 7.15pm (ish) tonight.


Only asking as our dog went really weird and was scared stiff like she didn't know where she wanted to be.  Back and two between rooms in a frenzy, trying to get behind chairs and even ran to the front door trying to get out.


Neighbours on either side were out so no noise or bumps  from them and only me and the dog in and it was really quiet and calm in the house. 


She was fine again in about 5 minutes :|

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