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Or if you are looking for something to pass the time why not crochet your own I am sure there are many patterns on the interweb to have a go at. if you are feeling really adventurous why not have a go at making them out of lace Again there must be places where you can buy all the equipment and patterns to set yourself up for lace-making.


Another suggestion may be to make them out of paper as we used to do as nippers. a circle folded correctly and cut carefully with scissors** can achieve some interesting results.


** Please note when using scissors or other sharp implements adult supervision may be required. (You can still get those round ended scissors which may be safer than the pointed variety)  8)

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Excellent topic Nick but hardly a National/General issue!. :wink:



I think you're failing to recognise the importance of this small but significant circle of cloth or paper



Who can fail to be stirred by the RAF motto Per Doily Ad Astra or by Neil Armstrong's immortal words "This is one small  doily for a man but a giant tablecloth for mankind"



No lover of the music of Gilbert and Sullivan's collection is complete without the recordings of the Doily Carte Opera Company



I am sure that Observer  could go on , at length, about the court battles to enable the proud doily manufacturers and merchants to sell dollies in imperial not metric measurements as demanded by the Paper and Cloth Circular Mats (European Standardisation ) Regulations.   :P

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