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  1. No, Algy, St Stephen's Day was definitely 26th of December.
  2. 11. Meshack, Shadrack and Abednigo or are they dingles. Evil Sid, I think these were the three who were thrown into the fire for refusing to bow down to the king, and survived. The three kings I don't think were ever named officially, it is more likely that they were astrologers rather than kings, but traditionally they were given names. Balthasar, Mel something, and another starting with the letter G. I'd go for 'God rest ye merry gentlemen' for number 7. All up, I would have answered probably 5 out of the 20.
  3. Why couldn't we have had the internet thirty years ago? My grandma was always 'hands on' in the village, at St. Thomas', and the British Legion. If only I could sit her down and interrogate her now.
  4. Algy, if you do go for a look, you might think you are seeing things, there are a few photos posted with the added note:- 'photo provided by Algy, with thanks' That would be me. Just thought I'd better own up now.
  5. I did not expect that. Now I need emotional support.
  6. No Tracey, no dodgy clubs around there back then. My diary input is innocent stuff about me getting stuck knee deep in mud and the horse breaking loose and coming to visit me. Harry, for us to get to Turkey Jack's we followed the brooke which joined Capesthorne Road at the top end until we could go no further, Turkey Jack's was then just around another bend, Dickinson's farm was opposite. If we carried on walking the dirt road came out at Crab Lane where the duck pond was. Nothing left of it now, There is a housing estate built on it.
  7. We were in the pre-fabs opposite the horse field, we used to take bread, sugar lumps and apple cores to him. If Mr. White didn't have anything planted we used to take a short cut into his yard over his Festival Avenue field.
  8. These are two of the photos I took, I can't make them bigger. Whites Farm was along School Road, second house from Povey Road. Their potato field backed on to Festival Avenue, and their horse field backed on to Capesthorne Road.
  9. I was taking photos of Orford Farm the last time I was in Warrington until I realized I was being observed by someone in the window of a household opposite, and then I thought it wise to move on just in case the police were on their way. The White family owned it in the 50s and early 60s. I have so many stories written in my diary of this place. I remember being sent there probably every second or third day, even from before my 4th birthday, with a shopping bag and money wrapped in a note.
  10. Thanks guys, I have shown her the Warrington Peeps a couple of times, and will show her again. I'm always looking for things to show her now that she is no longer mobile. I was a bit disappointed in the Walking Day stuff this year. There didn't seem to be as much as other years.
  11. Are there any more of these bus rides on line? Mum is 92 now and I'm always looking for Warrington stuff to show her.
  12. Now there's going to be a rush on to buy commodes.
  13. Could make it to Warrington in a few hours.
  14. Same here Tracey. I took two of mine a few years ago. They just didn't get it. I'm all into reminiscing about the yearly family get together for the walk and having tea at grandma's in two and three sittings afterwards, and then the dash to the fairground. Not in the least bit impressed. I did take them to the fair at Walton and they enjoyed that even though they didn't have the same excitement as we had.
  15. Have to say I have not seen this side of her. Dizzy, there is no pc/human rights brigade in Oz when it comes to Islamic rule. You have to appear to be a down trodden minority to qualify for that.
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