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Meteor explosion


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Scientists are already working on ways to divert these objects, and we do have monitoring systems in place. Unfortunately, this latest one wasn't spotted by the professionals, but by some amateurs!  But taking your advice Asp, perhaps we could train humanity in practising putting their heads between their legs ready to kiss their a**s goodbye!

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Like they did in the films, it wasn't all 100% nonsense. Course you're never going to protect against the ones that you don't see coming but they tend to small enough to not do too much damage. The bigger ones though are generally already known about or get spotted a long time before they get here so there is time to work out a cunning plan.


The trick apparently is to set off and explosion near enough to them to just change their trajectory by a minuscule amount but to do this when they're still a long way away. This way they miss us and don't come back for a very long time. But the hardest part is doing this without causing them to break up into several lumps that may be even harder to deal with.


I'd be up for the task if they need volunteers :mrgreen: .


Bill :)

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