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Stoics risk cancer -


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I mustn't be too stoic then because I've just spent the whole day at Halton hospital having a dodgy bit of my left ear cut off just in case. 


When it was all done, the nurse apologized saying “That was a long wait for something so small” 

To which I replied “That’s what the wife always says!” :oops:


Bill :)


PS Gota go now, got the oddest urge to paint sunflowers. :mrgreen:


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The TV news put a slightly different spin on this story tonight; seems we Brits (the stoical ones anyway) won't trouble our Doctor with minor problems (don't want to waste his time etc) - which means many early symptoms of cancer arn't identified till it's too late - which seems a more rational explanation.

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Which is probably one of the reasons that us "stiff upper lip types" tend to only see the doctor when drastic surgery is needed or something has swelled up to the size of a melon and started turning a strange colour. :shock:


Although just a mere stripling of a lad, I have got to the stage that various parts of my body have either 1) started to twinge at the most unexpected times, such as knees when walking downstairs. 2) Going numb at the most inconvenient times, like lower legs after kneeling for five minutes. 3 ) stopped working altogether, like brains er yeah brains


Any time I have mentioned such symptoms to my doctor on the rare occasions that I do visit him/her I am told you are getting old.(last time I called my doctors I asked to see the doctor. the receptionist said which doctor. I replied if that is the only type available then fine )


Mrs sid is a bit like that when it comes to anything medical about her she does not want to know as such. If it is something to do with me, even hiccups, she is wanting to get the ambulance out. (not quite worked out if she is genuinely worried about my health or hoping I will peg out so she can collect the life insurance)  :|   :mrgreen:



PS Gota go now, got the oddest urge to paint sunflowers

 changing your name to bill van hire then.

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On a slight tangent to this topic. Had a letter today from some place called life line screening. Mrs Sid thought it was from my doctor or maybe the hospital to make an appointment for some sort of test. It turned out it was from some place that was offering to give me a full top to toe screening to help prevent or spot any signs of several heart problems. there were four test shown all priced at £70.00 each but if i called today i could get all four for the bargain price of £149.00.


alternatively I could go and see my doctor and ask him if he could send me for the test if he thought it was necessary at no cost to me apart from what I pay towards the NHS service. The other thing is that with going to the doctor I could at least have the knowledge that the people I had been tested by were professionals and knew what they were on about when it comes to diagnosis.

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