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Possibly a few 'tweeks' required but definetly an improvement, viewer count appears to be back although there may be some recent topics missing, but in my opinion a big improvement!. :P

PS smilies are working althogh the selection is not as good as the others - no winks or grins, but hey 'you can't have everything!.

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You seem a little cross Cleo. :mrgreen:


Nobody likes change but it's not too bad and maybe a bit more tweeking and it should get better.


The fonts on the displayed posts seem quite difficult to read but they look fine here while typing this


Bill 8)


PS Where's my normal trademark smiley!

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Unfortunately all topics and new posts since approx Wednesday lunch time have now gone.  I'll start a new topic about that shortly also anyone with fancy Avatars which were hosted via an external/remote URL (eg photobucket etc) have lost their avatars.


You might be able to put them back although I couldn't to mine as the file size was too large.  If your is less that 50kb you can try reloading it in this way  



Click on your name top right of screen to access your personal profile and settings etc


Click Settings


This will open your 'General Account Settings'


Click Photo - Change my Photo


you can either upload an image directly from your PC or you can enter URL to a pic in your photobucket account for example and the image will be uploaded into the forums database and used from there rather that from your remote file.


One note though... I have just created a new animated one and although it spins in my profile settings it does now appear to be spinning on this forum post.


Maybe it's tired and I think it's easier on the eye that it's not actually moving :ph34r:  :wink:  :D  


PS Algy/Bill... under the smilies you can see there is a tab that says 'show all'.  Click that and it opens a window with all the other smilies and there are some new ones too :wub:


That will really annoy Fugs ha ha

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I've just tried my laptop and the posts display fine but on this PC and monitor, the displayed post fonts are really difficult to read rather like text in a photograph when it's been reduced in size. When zoomed into, they reformat and become clearer rather than just magnified.


I'm at work and I've just had one of the lads check on his machine and he said yuck!. Same problem but again on yet another PC it's all fine. I think you may have a few other with this issue so maybe look at the font type being used for the posts and make sure its the same as here in the editor.




PS The default smileys are a right sad old lot. look at all that missery and anger. :cry::x :mad: :x:evil::twisted::| :neutral: :|

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Sorry Bill I don't quite follow what you mean as everything is clear and ok on my PC.


Do you mean the actual text in other people posts looks weird to you or do you mean the title topics on the forum board index pages (or other).


Are all your machines using the same browser or different ones ?


Sorry I have my Dizzy head on again

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Your never going to understand fully if you cant see how bad the problem is and then others start telling you it's all fine with them. I've just been talking to our programmer and he's suggesting that the actual font that's been used may not be present on everyones PC and as a result you're going to end up with people telling you to change browsers, screen settings and all other sorts of things to get round this problem. He suggests that you select a font that's suitable for web use and that way it won't matter what PC or browser people are using.


Yes the problem is in what your looking at right now but while I'm typing this, it's perfectly clear thus the fonts are not the same in the displayed posts as they are in the editor.



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How about you do a screen dump and upload it so I can see what and where you mean Bill (or email it to me if that's easier). 


That would be helpful as then I can contact support and show/ask them although as with most web based things standard sets of global browser compatible  fonts are usually used by default for the very reasons you mention above and during upgrade these would not have been manually changed to non compatible/standard.


Thanks and if you can screen dump I'll check it out for you.

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I've put it on facebook so others can see what I'm on about.


I've also put the magnifier over the text so that you can see how it looks at the top.


It's readable but not very nice.



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OK so you made me log into  faceless book to see it.  You are a cruel man Bill as I hate the place  ha ha.  I see what you mean and it is a bit odd from your screen dump.


I'm actually logged in now using Firefox while typing this and that's ok for me too.  So that's both Internet Explorer and Firefox  work fine for me on this PC.  How strange.


I'll see if my son will let me try from his laptop.

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Hey! Dizz, my beers gone dead also my sheep has stopped struggling, I think its drowned. :shock:

Where is the aouto spell check :cry:


Yeah I mentioned about my duck being tired too earlier on this topic Algy.


As we don't actually have a seperate Avatar upload option now and only have a 'photo' one I'm wondering if animated gifs are not compatible as profile images.  On the old forum you might remember we  could upload a forum avatar and we could also have a seperate profile picture.  Now we just seem to have 'pictures'


I'll ask Invision Boards techies the question later although in your case all those flashing and spinning avatars everyone has could give you eye strain 8)

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seems ok to me but then again it takes abit of getting used to the topic filling nearly the whole of my browser screen instead of just the middle :ph34r:


also need to remember that the show all emoticons opens in a new window and if I click back on the main screen it goes and hides in the background :wacko:

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It's OK Bill and I'm sure I'll get over having to go into FB after a few stiff drinks.


Your mention of it being ok at home but NOT on your two PC's at work reminded me about another topic on here where you were having problems on only your works pc's but not on others.  You later posted that you had resolved it as you /someone had inadvertantly clicked on the 'compatability view' toggle.


Before I contact Invision and raise a support ticket (they are in America by the way so we het xmas first) can you just check that 'compatibility view' is not enabled on the two work pc's you mention. 


Worth a try I suppose and having just looked through their client only support forum pages where all the wiz kids post  I can find no reference to anything similar regarding fuzzy text although where some are having actual browser problems hard refreshes using Ctrl F5 to clear browser cache sometimes works although not sure that is relevant to your problem.


To refresh your memory here's your other post




Searching for that topic has just made me notice that the icons next to the search box are missing although it you scroll over where they 'should' be and click they are actually there and work.


Thanks for that Bill a... NOT... as now we have something else to look at therefore

Santa has just taken a pressy out of your sack  


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