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Town Pubs, Old & New.


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The Crow Inn looks scarey and the sort of place you might go in to but never come out of again :shock: Where was it ?

In the photo there is an archway leading out into Bridge Street, the address of the pub was No. 3 Bridge Street, looking up the street, top right hand side, just a few yards from the Market Gate cross road.




This was site of the Crow Inn being cleared to allow the new Market Gate 'Circus' to be built.



This one you have seen many times before, Councillor Bennett surveying the roof of the pub after the roof had caught fire and burned the pub down. Accident or was it just coincidence that the council needed the site?.


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The Old Crow looks great! If it had survived it's the sort of place I can imagine being quite upmarket after being introduced to a tin of Farrow and Ball and a few potted bay trees.


Arthur was taking a risk going up on the roof with the landlord if the Council was suspected of arson, he's worryingly close to the edge ......

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I shall not be posting any more series of photos on Warrington etc. as I yesterday I have been diagnosed with an eye condition called Macular Degeneration in one eye, I have suspected there has been a problem for a few months, consequently searching compiling and uploading photo runs is putting a great deal of stress on my eyes and I really must spend less time on this "infernal machine" as Mrs algy calls it. I shall still join in forum topics and if anyone posts any queries on Warrington photos I shall do my best to comply.

Don't get me wrong, I am not suffering with extremely poor eye site , I just wish to preserve what I have now, possibly many of you have the same condition as it is an age related condition.

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Thank's all of you for your good wishes, don't get me wrong I'm not about to lose the site of my eye in the near future but it is irreversible as the disease is at the back of the eye and cannot be corrected, all I'm doing is attempting to not aggravate the situation.


Cleo, both my father and his mother had cataracts that were successfully operated upon and both had their site restored to an acceptable level.

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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis Algy and you look after yourself x x

Good to read Harry's post though as that must take some of the worry away for you.


If you had any more pics in your pile that you had ready for upload to your recent topics but can't do now just click and attach them to an quick email to me and I'll happily save and upload them for you on the same topics.


One thing does worry me though and that is that you might suddenly get uncontrollable twitches in your arms and hands from lack of forum typing or that you start to get under Mrs Algy's feet.


May I suggest that santa brings you something to occupy your hands (I was thinking of a musical keyboard(piano) rather than anything rude before anyone starts)... or maybe one of those large dog crate type cages that Mrs A could lock you in until you get past the PC withdrawal stage :wink:


Take care Algy and like already said by others all your picture uploads have been fantastic and the massive wealth of other information you have always given about them has always been fascinating and has certainly kept me interested and occupied on here.


Thank you Algy x

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I know cataracts are operable Algy and that fact alone is stopping me from sinking into despair about them developing.. :)


Cleo my (almost) mother-in-law had cataracts removed from both her eyes on the NHS just over a year ago and each time was in and out in within a few hours. She said it was painless and nothing to worry about although she did need to put drops in for a while afterwards which was hard as she had previously had a stroke on one side and had limited use of her other hand after breaking her wrist in a fall.


The only downside was she had splashed out and bought a huge flat screen TV a few months before being diagnosed as she was convinced that it was her TV that was faulty and wouldn't believe us that the picture looked ok to us <_<


Most of my elderly neighbours have had them removed too and said it was no big deal and they were fine too.


You should get them sorted as the sooner they are done the better rather than leaving them to get worse. Take a leaf out of Algy's book :wink:

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