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Bit more interesting.

harry hayes

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Not heard of some of them Peter but cant stand Ken Dodd, not keen on Dave Allen or Morcambe and Wise etc


I've had a change of heart now that Algy has mentioned the Eagles might be playing. One of my favourite band. Infact I'd forgotten that I have their complete greatest hits album on my pc as mp3's.


Volume up now as I'm typing.... random play order... bliss. Might even get the guitar out and join in taking me back to our band days. We were quite good at ruining their songs after one too many :oops::lol:


Cheers Algy and great topic Harry as I'm now feeling really upbeat and happy ... 'Happy Days' :D

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Live ones yes. No point choosing dead ones cos they won't be able to perform. :blink:

Used to like Josef Lock but he's dead. Loved Billy Fury but he's dead. Laughed my socks off at Tommy Cooper but he's dead. Also liked Dave King but he's dead. Liked Bing Crosby but he's dead. Couldn't stand Bob Hope. He's dead. Who was that man who performed on stage in a top hat... Acted drunk... Always had a broken cigarette between his finger? Can't recall his name but he was so funny. He's dead. Could go on and on but would be no point.

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How come most of the artists you liked are dead Cleo :shock::lol: Good that you out lived them all of course though :wink:


Surely having such a big family and all those grandkids there must be some 'not so dead' or maybe even slightly more 'modern' ones that you now find funny too.


My dad likes Rose Marie too and I know all the words having had to listen to it so many times Zzzzzzz


'Oh Rose Marie I love you... I'm always dreaming of you....no matter what I do I can't forget you...... sometimies I wish that I'd never met you.... and yet if I should lose you .....' AARGH !!!!

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Erm... Because they were older than me lovey, most anyway.

Lovey, the entertainers my boys and girl, well certainly my grandchildren are more au fait with are egyptian/arab entertainers rather than western entertainers.

I could have said I like Mohamed Hinidi. He's very funny but you would have just replied, "Mohamed Hinidi....? Who the heck is he?"

I suspect that you are thinking of the wrong Rose Marie. :lol:


Yes, Algy, that was him, Freddie Frinton.


Just for you Dizzy - Rose Marie.

All my Rose Marie CD's were taken by the lowlife who burgled our house in the UK. If I could have got hold of him I would have administered some Sharia law to him and made sure he could never burgle anyone else.

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