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It's that time again.

Evil Sid

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Or soon will be. This saturday the clocks go back 1hour,Time to dig out the manuals so that all those fancy gadgets can be altered to suit.


Halloween is fast approaching and time to remove the batteries from the doorbell and add a layer of cling film to the windows to make cleaning the egg off easier (handy tip that one).


Bonfire night is only weeks away and time to stock up on those pills for the pets to keep them calm and invest in ear plugs for the night in question.


Don't you just love this time of year. It now gets dark at four in the afternoon, Cream eggs go on sale in the shops in the run up to christmas (see this year they have green cream eggs for halloween on sale), Adverts start to flog all the celebrity smells and other products, kids get bombarded with the hype of the latest must have toys and the annual arguments start on who you will be sending cards to this year and who is off the cards list as they didn't send you one lats year etc.


To steal a march on the later activities I would suggest that you have a quick check to see where it was you packed the decorations from last year, dig out those lights and check the bulbs early to avoid the usual last minute hunt around the shops for replacement bulbs. And last but not least don't forget the most essential part of the christmas shopping a variety of multi packs of batteries for all those "batteries not included" items. Nowt more disappointing on christmas morning than getting a toy and not being able to play with it because there are no batteries to run it.


Final note don't forget to stock up on aspirin, paracetamol and alka seltzer either :wink:

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When we lived in Warrington we were constantly disturbed by groups of 2 or 3 kids 'trick or treating' on hallowene. Trick or treat they would announce, grinning up at you, when the door was opened. Wouldn't mind but none of them had made any effort to look the part. Some would wear a black bin bag with holes cut out for head and arms, others just dressed normally. Every couple of minutes the doorbell would ring. We decided in the end to take out the batteries. Peace perfect peace.

As for carol singers. Well.... Ding dong goes the doorbell every few minutes. Open the door and there would be stood 1, 2, or 3 kids who instantly, without varience, start to give their rendition of 'We wish you a merry christmas....' I dont believe any of them knew any carols. Anyway, out would come the doorbell batteries again. Only problem there was that sometimes we did get phone calls from friends the next day telling us that they had called but we must have been out because we didn't answer when they rang the door bell. They would after get into the habit of knocking on the window to let us know they were at the door.

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'Penny for the Guy' also seems to have disappeared as well, kids used to make a guy out of straw old clothes and drag it round our streets on a little cart in Latchford, I suppose we can be thankful, what with inflation and devaluation it would now be a '£1 for the guy', another tradition if you can call it that, is being called 'Mister', years ago a youngster would ask you the time or whatever by addressing you by "what time is it mister" or "ave' you got a 'woodie" mister, now all kids have either watches or mobiles - sad times in some respects!. :unsure:

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I don't get anyone at my door :(


Everyone round to sadako's house trick or treating, then 50p for the guy, and once they are out of the way, carol singing. All together now......!


We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.....


Get your figgy pudding out ready! :lol::lol::lol:

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