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Space Tourism?


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would you bother going. Personally I could not pass the physical so waste of time me trying.


But if you are interested I am sure we could have a whip round to see if we could raise enough to send you :shock::twisted:


Whether we could raise enough to get you back would be another problem :mrgreen:


What is the current cost of a trip into space anyhow ?

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I would like to point out that it was laziness not short sightedness that led to my post.


when i read the post and started to type a reply/comment there were no other posts apart from the original one. I can only assume that dizzy managed to get her post in whilst I was typing mine and so until I hit the post button I could only see the original post.


The laziness came in after my post came up and I read that dizzy had put almost the same reply/comment as me but had managed to post it before me. Too lazy to edit and add that two minds can think alike.


But if the offer is still open I will need about £500 to replace the lenses in the three pairs off glasses I currently use. :shock:8):twisted:

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