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Fire at Boots/Next Westbrook


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Just heard on the Radio Warrington that Cromwell Avenue is CLOSED as Boots at Westbrook is on fire :shock:(I heard it at about 9.50pm)


I'm not sure if it's the whole of Cromwell Ave or just the bit near boots.

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My mate posted this on facebook....



looks like the bit they are building on the side for the Next Home store. You can see the scaffolding and canvas sheeting.


I wonder if Macdonalds burgers will be overdone now!

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So glad tha no-one got hurt as that was one heck of a fire :shock:


The fire brigage were still working there late this afternnoon (4pm ish) and you could still see feint clouds of smoke coming out of the new 'Next' extension.


Considering it's said to have started in Boots that seems to have come a little better off from outward appearances than the Next.



















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Love the slogan "We're changing.... we'll be ready soon".... think someone needs to think of a new one now!!


They had hoses running back up Cromwell Avenue to the canal to pump water for the fire.... They were still there tonight when I came that way

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