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Filthy Argentinian Scum


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Seems the filthy Argie Scum know no morals and have filmed an Olympic promotional video on the Falkland Islands with one of their athletes exercising on a memorial to fallen British Troops....


Personally I would use that very sophisticated warship we have down there to rain death and destruction on their third world country.... but at the very least we should barr them from attending the games.

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but WPP, who are the parent company, have their headquarters in London so it could be said that they had a right to film on British soil.

A tad embarrassing to say the least to the CEO and a need to have a look into the company that made it and have a few words with the people there.

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Why did they allow him on the Islands in the first place? :unsure:



I wasn't aware that the Falklands was a restricted area or that war had been declared on Argentina.


Having said that, it was a tasteless and provocative stunt typical of their tasteless and provocative president :angry: :angry:

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The atheletes were on the islands ostensibly to compete in the Falklands marathon. And the film crew used was American, so as not to draw attention to what they were really doing.


At the very least I'd ban the atheletes concerned from re-entering UK territory - including London for the Olympics. They were taking part in a commercial enterprise when they appeared in the advert so they should have applied for a visa permitting them to work in the UK, they didn't - so they broke our immigration laws and should be barred from the UK for life.

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