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Culcheth Shooting....


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Sky news said it was an undercover investigation by Manchester police into armed robbery gangs in the North West but it went a bit 'wrong' :unsure:


Very scarey to think that you or your kids could get caught up in something like that while just out an about on a Saturday in a small local village like Culcheth.

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As an acquaintance pointed out to me earlier today, Culcheth on a Friday and Saturday night could be twinned with Dodge City!

I know what he means, but it appears that this was a planned operation that didn't actually go as planned. I only hope that there was an over-riding reason for the use of firearms. We should leave it for the independent enquiry to establish the facts.

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Dodge City :unsure: Gosh I always though Culcheth was a quiet place but I've not been there for many many years.


The incident is now on the virgin media's home page news too. They say "It is understood the operation was part of a GMP-led investigation into a planned robbery in the area"




It seems to be getting worse around all areas of Warrington, or is that my immagination :? but every week all we seem to read about is people being attacked, armed robberies, break-ins, rapes and the likes and now this. :cry:

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True but you only have to read the news pages on here and the WG etc etc to realise that things are getting out of control around here.


Of course they are getting out of control everywhere but as I don't live 'everywhere' I tend to take more notice of what is happening in our own area. I guess that just makes me a NIMBY selfish and paranoid person though :oops:


All these awful incidents make some scared to go out at times and also some just as scared to stay in .. not to mention the worry of kids going out etc.


I now declare this week 'happy news' and 'happy posts' ONLY week.


I guess it will only last about 10 minutes though <_<

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Yeah you are probably right Eagle and I guess I am probably grossly overstaing the 'problem' like you say but then again I do know quite a lot of people who are scared of going out and staying in, I also know quite a lot of people people who through 'fear' lately have have had cctv installed, or alarms installed or have bought dogs for a little bit of added security or who are worried about the increase in certain crimes especially in orford and grappenhall blah blah blah...


Surely we should all be able to leave our windows patially opened or our back doors open on a pleasant sunny day without the fear that some grot will take advantage.


Surely we should all be able to walk home at night in the dark without the fear of being attacked.


Surely we should all be able to own a nice car without the fear of having our faces smashed in cos some grot want to steal it just as we should be able to own anything without the fear that somone else decides they want to 'take a look' and take it.


Surely people should be able to work in shops to earn a living without the fear that some low lofe machette weilding thug may decide they want some free ciggies or free cash.


The 'surelys' could go on and on but while scum are allowed to get away with it with nothing more than a slap on the wrist IF they are ever caught then they will contine to do it.


Maybe I was just having a girlie moment and perhaps I should just stop talking to scared people and hearing about the scarey stuff that goes on, some of which is never reported, and I definatley should stop reading the news pages <_<:oops:


Perhaps ignorance is more blisful after all.....although maybe one step ahead is more sensible :unsure:

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Well that's me completely lost in a flash... night night Cleo, night night Obs, and night night giant double footed slipper to scare away intruders :roll:


Just as a final though before I retire ... some chap did die last night and as none of us really know the full story and no real details have been released as to what actually happened then maybe like already said we should not make light of the situation, pass judgement or indeed speculate.

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