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Xmas card or Charity Donation?

Geoffrey Settle

Xmas card or donation  

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  1. 1. Do you send cards or make a donation?

    • Send Cards
    • Make a donation to a charity
    • I do both
    • I do neither

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I send cards, well Mrs Sid sends cards and I just stay out of the way. I do, however, make my own cards when the occasion demands. Many moons back I got the hallmark card studio software from points off one of those supermarket loyalty card things.


Great as you can put whatever you want on and a lot cheaper than moonpig, even factoring in cost of ink,postage electric and time spent designing the thing. :mrgreen:


can also use it to make your own business cards and calendars amongst other things. Not really gone through all the stuff on it yet though keep saying that when I get a spare five minutes and I am not too busy and have nothing better to do I will . :blink:

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Giving the money to charity instead sounds like a nice idea but when you think that you can buy a pack of 20 cards for 99p (which are nice) maybe people could do both?


Like Cleo says though you can never be sure about how much of your donation actually goes to those in need and how much goes to admin fees etc.


Xmas cards from family are nice and I always keep those but the rest get thrown away after the event (sorry) so while the thought was there (from people you have not seen or heard from all year) it does seem a waste of money although a nice gesture I suppose.


I shall be delivereing my two packs of 99p cards tomorrow and also contributing towards some dogs dinners at Chesire dogs home where our little four legged friend came from as they are really struggling at the moment.


I was going to but a turkey today but having seen the price of them I'm going to give the money to the local Salvation Army/similar local organisation tomorrow to hopefully let someone else have a nice xmas day dinner instead.


We don't need a turkey and with my cookery skills they always finish up dried out and horrid anyway :oops:

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You can always give to local charities in Warrington. You can hand it directly to the volunteers that run the charity, they often give up their time for free. The YMCA are looking for any food items to make up hampers for needy families in Warrington this year, they are within sight of the Town Hall gates.

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That’s all bah humbug if you ask me. I take the time to hand write all my cards and address the envelopes and it takes me nearly a day. Sending Christmas cards is a tradition, but it'd be far easier just to press a button to bulk email everyone telling them you've donated to some charity.



Bill :)

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The problem I have.... my mum is very poorly has mild altzeimers, can't walk and needs carers to attend a few times a day etc.... She gets loads of cards, but no one ever puts a return address on to the card so I can't send one back explaining why she can't send them on her own as I don't know the address and mum can't remember!


Bless the people who send them though because they keep doing it even when they don't get one in return!

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